The Lion – Essay

This Essay is about lion. It’s description, where found and habits.


The lion is a flesh eating animal. He is one of the strongest and fiercest of all flesh eating animals. The lion belongs to the same species to which the tiger, wolf, etc. belong. He has a majestic figure. He is very powerful. He is called the King of beasts.


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The size of a full grown lion is 10 to 12 feet. He has very large and heavy head. The head and the neck of the lion are covered with thick hair. They are called the mane. His paws are very strong. They possess very sharp claws. He can quickly and easily draw them in. Like the tiger he has strong legs and great strength. He has large whiskers. He can carry a buffalo on his back. The lioness has no mane. She is smaller and less attractive than the lion. She gives birth to two or four cubs at a time. The lion lives for about sixty years.

Where found:

Lions are found in Africa, India and Arabia. For the public show they are kept in iron cage. Even here, they do not lose their fearful nature. They are often dangerous.


His habits:

The lion is not very ferocious. There is some nobleness in him. His nobleness gives him the name of the ‘The King of The Forest’. The lion hides himself near some spring. When any animal comes to drink, he springs upon him with a loud road. It is said that the never attempts time, if he fails in the first. The lion lives chiefly in sandy plains or rocky places which are far away from villages and cities. In strength he is second to none. His terrible roar is just like thunder of clouds. The whole forest is trembled by it.

Tamed lions:

Lions are kept in zoological gardens for public show. They are also trained to perform feats in circuses. They are indeed trained lions. But they become dangerous to their keepers when they are teased.



The lion is generally hunted on foot. Sometimes he is hunted on elephant’s back. But it is very dangerous game. Only experience dangerous can do it with success.

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