The nature and scope of population education

Nature of Population Education

Population education is not sex education or family planning education not birth control but helps us to investigate and explorer the interaction between population and education.

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Population education helps and enables us to be aware of the process and consequence of population growth on the quality of our lives and the environment. The child gets and opportunity to investigate and explore the interaction between the population and their environments, population characteristics, the meaning, the nature of process. The child also knows the causes and consequences of population increase at the local. national level.

Population education is an educational programmes recently adopted in a country. It is multidisciplinary concept and related to number of subjects. It neither provides nor prescribes any contraceptive education or any other measures to limit the size of the family.

Scope of Population Education

The scope of population education includes the following. Population educations provides the learners with a knowledge and understanding of the prevailing population situation in their own country and the world.


It also creates an awareness among the learners about the inter-relationships between population situation in their own country and the world.

It assists us to make conscious rational and informed decisions regarding family size and population matters in the community and policy adopted by the Sate.

It equips us with necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, values to ascertain and evaluate the impact of population change both in terms of the students future, welfare and the welfare of their community, society, nation and the world.

Population education studies the nature, causes, changes, characteristics, co-operation and distributional aspects of human population.


It studies the relationships of man with his environment along with his quality of life.

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