The political theory of the origin of Caste System in India

According to some European scholars the Caste System in India has been created by Brahmins in order to maintain their supremacy in the society. The eminent scholars supporting this theory are Abbe Dubais, Ibetson and G.S. Ghurye, Prof. Abbey Dubais in his book. ‘Hindu Manners and Customs’ has said that Caste System is an ingenious device of the Brahmins. In the social gradations, the Brahmins occupy a superior position and the other castes are less favored. In order to protect their class interest they have created the caste system. According to Ghurye, caste in India is a Brahaminic child of the Indo-Aryan Culture, cradled in the land of Ganga and Yamuna and then transferred to other parts of the country.


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The political theory of the origin of caste system is not at all free from criticisms. Sociologists have criticized the theory on various grounds. Dr. D.N. Mazumad in his book “Races and Culture of India” has criticized the political theory on the basis of two main points.

  • Caste system has not been created by Brahmins because no one can be considered by Brahmin by blood or Sudra by birth. Every one is free to attain the highest social dignity according to the merits, equalities and actions.
  • Secondly, caste system is the result of the gradual development of society. This powerful institution can not be based on artificial creation.
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