The Role of Women in War – Essay

A modern war cannot be fought successfully only be some brave soldiers. Every one must work and help in the conduct of war. The defense of the country is the responsibility of every citizen. Even women have very significant roles to play in war times. There are so many examples in our history which prove that women can also fight bravely. They have organized and conducted wars very successfully. Maharani Luxmibai of Janis fought bravely with the mighty force of the British Government. Razia begum and Chad Bibi are such other examples. To-day we find that in an ever increasing number. There is spirit and enthusiasm in them to serve the country by joining the military, when the time comes and a call is made upon them to do so.

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Women can prove of immense help in war preparations. The defense of the country means investment of he amounts. Women should save every possible paisa. They should run their homes with utmost economy. Money, invested in the various schemes of the Government. In a country like ours, where women have been rather unduly attached to gold, they should be prepared to give it to the Government to be used for the defense of the motherland. Women have thus to see that their homes become the second line of defense. It is in the homes where the maximum sacrifices are needed. Women have to play a vital role in their homes in war times.

Many a young men are absorbed in various offices and services. Here the work is light. We all know that women can prove better teachers and nurses. These jobs are specially suited to their nature and temperament. They also have been very successful and efficient as typists, telephone are so much needed for the army, are unnecessarily retained on ordinary jobs. When the country is at war, women should come out of their homes and undertake such jobs. In this way, a good force of young able bodied persons will be released to serve the army.


In times of war, the government is forced to take certain strict measures to keep law and order within the country. It has to impose various controls and restrictions. Sometimes it wants to restrict internal consumption of necessary articles. These measures may lead to increasing hardships. Anti-national elements are there in every country. They want to earn he profits at such times. Their action makes the lives of others miserable and unbearable. If things are allowed to continue in this way, then there is dissatisfaction in the country.

The Government has to divert its energies t check such antinational activities. Here also women call helps the Government rules and regulations. They should refuse to use things which are brought in their homes from black market and by other unfair means. Their co-operation in this way will help in maintaining internal law and order.

It is, thus, evident that a modern war is a challenge not only to the military, the Government and the young men, but also the women. The home, the army and the office are the places where women can work shoulder to shoulder with men. Their active co-operation, sacrifice and patience can lead any country to ultimate victory.

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