The various functions of tribal family

The tribal family a fundamental institution performs a variety of functions. All the functions can be discussed under the following categories.

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Economic Functions

For the maintenance of the family the members complete their works on the basis of division of labor. Some members take care of the family property. The female members also assist the male members in different agricultural activities.

Religious Functions

The tribal family also imparts religious training to its members. Moreover it also gives better idea to the members belonging to new generation relating to tribal customs, traditions, taboos etc.

Civil Functions


Family is also described as the first school of citizenship. An individual learns an idea about social culture from the family. The social norms, values and cultural patterns are learnt by the individual from the family.

Functions Relating to Health

The health condition of the members is also looked after by the tribal family. The family gives the idea about tribal medicine based on herbs, roots, leafs etc. to the members. They have more faith towards magic witchcraft sorcery etc. They have a belief that diseases are caused by the influence of evil spirits and for that purpose, they have to depend upon magic to cure the diseases.

Organizational Functions

The tribal families have a strong organizational unit. As regards to village welfare each family contributes money and labor. The tribal family acts as a principal unit in the village organization.

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