Three things every women entrepreneur must do for becoming successful

1. Production:

Production function is a key function of a woman entrepreneur. It is the creation of goods and services. This function consists of manufacturing, ancillary and advisory activities. It is the fabrication of a physical object through the use of men, materials and equipment.


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2. Finance:

Finance function is the most important of all functions of woman entrepreneur. It is not possible to substitute or eliminate this function, because the enterprise fails in the absence of finance.

The need of money is continuous. It is start with the setting up of an enterprise and remains at all times. It deals with estimating financial requirements, deciding capital structure, selecting a source of finance, proper cash management etc.

3. Personnel:


This function of woman entrepreneur is concerned with people at work and their relationship within an organization. It aims to bring together and develop into an effective organization the men and women make up enterprise.

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