Universities and college should spend more money on their libraries than sports – Essay

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I disagree strongly with the idea that the same amount of money should go to university sports activities as to university libraries. Although playing sports is a wonderful way to learn about teamwork, strategy and reaching goals, it should not be the principal focus of a university education.

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Students need the most up-to-date library facilities available to get the best education. Many of those facilities are very expensive to buy and maintain. These include computerized programs and access to Internet research databases that students can use to find information all around that world. If a university is only offering its students resources of a decade ago, it’s depriving those students of a tremendous amount of information.


Even the book and magazine budget of universities has gone up tremendously in the last decade. More is being published on every subject, and every university wants to have thie information available to its students.

It also costs money for universities to keep the libraries open. Students need to have access to all the libraries research tools as much of the time as possible. Because students are young and can stay up all night studying, many universities are starting to leave their libraries open all night during exam periods. This costs money, because the staff has to be paid extra to be there. It also costs money to run the building (electricity heat) during that time.

Students at universities are only going to benefit from their education if they can get to all the tools they need to learn. Sports are secondary to the resources that students need from university libraries. For this reason, libraries should always be better funded than sports activities.

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Many universities offer their students a lot of facilities for engaging in sports activities beside their normal academic programs. There is a gym and a swimming pool on almost every campus. There are also many other groups like swimming or jogging societies for students to join and enjoy sports during their physical health and fitness, on the other hand it takes up a lot of the resources.

“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.” This is one of the main reasons why universities investment big money into their sports faculties. A lot of research concerning the relationship between physical fitness and mental abilities come to the conclusion that a good physical condition creates a strong mental power. One must emphasize that the investment on sports facilities is worthwhile and beneficial.

The opposite opinion is that it is a waste of money and resources to invest in sports facilities for students. Many people think that students should concentrate on academic issues. It is more important to spend money on buying books and computers for libraries, because libraries provide students an essential environment for their course studies and research.

In my personal opinion, when the financial resources are limited, it is more sensible to spend money on improving research and teaching facilities like libraries and computers, which are the key issues of a successful university education. Students can always find their own ways to do physical exercise such as utilizing the faculties in the community. Nevertheless, after satisfying all the academic needs, if there is still some money left, the money should be invested into sports facilities.

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