Usefulness of Animals and Lower Animals Essay


All things that God has created seem to be admirably connected with another, so as to contribute to their mutual preservation. The earth, with its rocks and sands, its ores and its salts, owes with origin and continuance to the elements. The trees, plants, and all the vegetables, draw their subsistence from the earth; while the animals, in their turn, feed upon the vegetables.

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A Circle of Preservation of Life:

The earth gives nourishment to the plants, the plants are a food for the insect, for the bird, for wild beasts; and in rotation the wild beasts become the prey of the vulture, the vulture of the insects, the insects of the plant and the plant of the Earth. Even men, who do his best to turn all these things to his own use, becomes himself their prey. Such is the circle in which all things here take their course, that all beings were created for one another.

Usefulness of Animals:

The horse draws carts along the road. It is used to ride on, to carry burdens and in many countries to plough fields. The ass and the mule are also used for these purposes. These are called beasts of burden. The camel supplies the place of the horse and mule in that region where there are vast sandy deserts.


The sheep gives us wool from which we make clothes. Of its skin we make parchment to write on, and leather with which we cover our books. Overdraw the plough and carts. Their hides and sins are tanned into leather, of which boots and shoes are made. Glue is made of their hoofs and skins. Their horns are made into combs, cups and many other things. The cow gives us milk, from which butter and cheese are made. Cheese is the curd of milk which it’s salted, pressed in a mould and dried. The bee gives us honey.

The flesh of many animals is used by some people for food. The skins of the lamp, the dog, and the doe are made into glues, purses and other things; the hair of camel is woven into fine kinds of cloths for shawls and dresses for ladies.

Usefulness of Lower Animals:

Dogs purse the hare and the stag, to furnish out table. The terrier drives the rabbit from its deepest recesses into our snares. The horses and the camel are trained to carry burdens, and the ox to draw the plough. The reindeer makes the sledges fly over snow and ice. The hawk serves us in fowling, and hen gives us eggs. The cock wakes us early in morning with shrill clarion Voice. The whistling noel of the black bird is heard from morning till evening, and then the melodious notes of nightingale in charming to the ear. The sporting lambs, the playful valves, the innocent doves and the beautiful plumage of the peacock give pleasure to sight. The silkworm spin their web to clothe us, the bees collect with care the honey we find so useful. The glow worm shines in the midst of darkness to give light.


The very insects we so much despite are useful to us. May it teach us to value as we ought the goodness of our Maker, and to be sensible of our own happiness.


Note: This essay was written in easy words for School Students.

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