Village Well – Essay

Essay Introduction

There is generally a well in the centre of every village. The villagers take water for drinking and washing purposes from the well. A raised platform is built round the well. The villagers draw the water by means of a bucket tired to a rope over a wooden or iron pully.

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Activities of young women along the well:


Some young women come to get water from the well. They cleanse their utensils there. Their sweet smiles and sparkling eyes show that they are cutting jokes with one another. Next moment they become serious. Perhaps they have seen some elderly people coming towards the well. Some women draw water from the well, singing sweet songs. The sight of the stout and healthy women is inspiring. And then see how nicely they walk with piles of pots on their heads.

At some distance from the well you can see some women washing their clothes. While their hands are busy in washing work their tongues pour out ill talks about others. Again the village well is a living newspaper office. Here you can get all kind of reports true, and false, about the people.

A Scene of battle-ground

The village well becomes battle ground when the women fall out for water. They exchange hot words and abuses. Sometimes they come to blows. But the quarrel is soon over. The presence of some elderly man of the village puts the quarrel to an end.


Activities of Youths near the well:

On the other side one can see some youths washing clothes and taking bath. Some young men try to show their muscles. Some romantic young boys use soap on their clothes unsparingly to make their clothes as while as lily. On this side the quarrels are few. On the other side some elderly men take bath and pour water on their heads saying ‘Hari Om’ and ‘Ram Ram’.

Scene at the Trough:

Near the well there is a trough. People bring their cattle there. It is pleasing sight to see thirsty cattle drinking water from that trough. Eight or ten of them stand in a line and drink water. Their owner whistles and stands on one leg with the help of a stick.


A Meeting place of the village:

The village well always presents a busy scene. It is a meeting place of men and women of all sorts in the village. It is all hustle and bustle there. Some draw water while others talk, laugh and make merry. Some take their bath reciting hymns (mantra from Gita or the Ramayana. Some old women are seen washing dirty clothes. The farmers taking his cattle to the filed also stop near the well to give a drink to his animal. The people also pluck their twigs of ‘Kiker’ not far from the well. There is generally a big tree near the well. The village people pass their afternoon under its shade. It is a cool place in summer. Some young men play at cards, sing chorus songs.


A village well becomes a busy place from the early morning. As the sun rises higher, the activity goes on increasing on the well. We may call it a village social club. There is a lot of an activity which continues fro morning till late in the evening.

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