What are the essential Entrepreneurial functions of women Entrepreneurs?

Like a male entrepreneur, a woman entrepreneur has to perform the following function:

1. Innovation:

Innovation is the basis function of woman entrepreneur. She has to introduce new product, creation of new markets, application of new process of production, discovery of new and better sources of raw materials and developing a new and better form of industrial organization.

Open Innovation: The Apple Case

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2. Risk taking:

It is the fundamental function of a woman entrepreneur. It refers to take the responsibility for loss that may occur due to unforeseen contingencies of the future.


A woman entrepreneur visualizes opportunities for introducing new ideas and handles economic uncertainty. She is a self confident and highly optimistic lady willing to assume the risk involved in innovations, new ventures and expansion of an existing venture.

3. Organization building:

Organization and management of the enterprise is the main function of a woman entrepreneur. It refers to bring together the various factors of production. She alone decides the lines of business to expand and capita to employ.

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