What are the main functions of National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC)?

The NSIC was set up in 1955 with the objective of supplying machinery and equipment to small enterprises on hire purchase basis and assisting them in procuring government orders for various items of stores with a view to promote any faster the development of SSI in the country.

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The Head Office of NSIC is at Delhi and it has four regional offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata and eleven branch offices. It has one Central liaison office at Delhi and Depots and Sub-centers.



The main functions of NSIC are:

1. To develop small scale units are ancillary units to large-scale industries.

2. To provide machines and equipments to SSI’s on hire-purchase basis.

3. To help enterprises to participate in the stores purchase programme of the Central government.


4. To assist small industries in marketing their products.

5. To make available the basis raw materials through their depots.

6. To import and meet the requirement of components and parts to actual small scale users in specific industries.

7. To construct Industrial Estates and establish and run prototype production-cum training centers to carter the need of prospective entrepreneurs.


The NSIC has taken up the challenging task of promoting and developing small-scale industries almost from scratch and has adopted an integrated approach to achieve the socio-economic objectives.

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