What are the main functions of Small Industries Service Institute (SISI’s)?

At the heart of all agencies dealing with development of small industry is small industries development organization, SIDO. It was originally know as central small industries organization (CSIO). Attached to the ministry, SIDO administers small industries service institute (SISI’s).

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The small industries service institutes (SISI’s) are set-up one in each state to provide consultancy and training to small and prospective entrepreneurs. The activities of SISs are co-ordinate by the industrial management training division of the DC, SSI office (New Delhi). In all there are 28 SISI’s and 30 Branch SISI’s set up in state capitals and other places all over the country.

SISI has wide spectrum of technological, management and administrative tasks to perform.

Functions of SISI


1. To assist existing and prospective entrepreneurs through technical and managerial counseling such as help in selecting the appropriate machinery and equipment, adoption of recognized standards of testing, quality performance etc;

2. Conducting EDPs all over the country;

3. To advise the Central and State governments on policy matters relating to small industry development;

4. To assist in testing of raw materials and products of SSIs, their inspection and quality control;


5. To provide market information to the SISI’s;

6. To recommend SSI’s for financial assistance from financial institutions;

7. To enlist entrepreneurs for partition in Government stores purchase programme;

8. Conduct economic and technical surveys and prepare techno-economic feasible reports for selected areas and industries.


9. Identify the potential for ancillary development through sub-contract exchanges;

10. Organize seminars, Workshops and Industries Clinics for the benefit of entrepreneurs.

The Small Industries Service Institutes have been generally organizing the following types of EDPs on specialized courses for different target groups like energy conservation, pollution control, Technology up-gradation, Quality improvement, Material handling, Management technique etc. as mentioned earlier.

General EDP for educated unemployed youth, ex-service personnel etc. for a duration of four weeks. In these programmes, classroom lectures and discussions are held on issues such as facilities and assistance available from State and Central government agencies, banks, financial institutions and National Small Industries Corporation.

Apart from this, exposure is given information regarding market survey, product identification and selection, technologies involved, management of small enterprises, particularly in matters relating to financial management, marketing, packaging and exports.

The participants also interact with successful small scale entrepreneurs as a part of their experience sharing Information of quality; possibilities of diversification and expansion are also given.

The entrepreneurs are helped to prepare Project Reports based on their own observations and studies for obtaining financial assistance as may be required. Such courses have benefitted many entrepreneurs to set up units of their own choice.

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