What are the phases of Entrepreneurship Development Programmes in India?

EDP is primarily designed to induce motivation and competence among young prospective entrepreneurs. So the cause and curriculum of Entrepreneurship Development programme will be so designed that it will induce motivation and competency. The course curriculum of EDP should be designed to cover the following aspects:

  • It will give general introduction to entrepreneurship.
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  • It will afford motivational training.
  • It will increase managerial skill of the entrepreneur,
  • It makes entrepreneur to have expert knowledge on various support systems and procedure.
  • It will give fundamental idea on project feasibility study.
  • It will encourage plant visit to afford practical knowledge to entrepreneurs.

After deciding on course contents and curriculum on EDP, the next important task is to decide various phases of EDP. There are three different phases of EDP like:

  • Pre-training phase
  • Training phase
  • Follow-up phase

1. Pre-training phase:


Pre-training phase consists of all activities and preparation to launch training programme. Pre-training phase of EDP consists of the following activities :

  • Selection of entrepreneurs for the training protgramme.
  • Arrangements of infrastructure are for the programme like selection of place of training.
  • Deciding guest faculty for the programme from education industry and banks.
  • Taking necessary steps for inauguration of programme.
  • Formation of selection committee to select trainees from the programme.
  • Making provision with regard to publicity and campaigning for the programme.

2. Training Phase:

The primary objective of training programme is to develop motivation and skill or competency amongst the potential entrepreneurs. Care should be taken to impart both theoretical and practical knowledge to various trainees. The training phase of EDP will be so designed that it will answer the following questions:

(a) Whether the attitude of the entrepreneur has been tuned towards the proposed project or no.


(b) Whether the trainee has been motivated to accept entrepreneurship as a career.

(c) How the trainee behaves like an entrepreneur.

(d) Whether the trainee has sufficient knowledge on resources and technology or not.

(e) What kind of entrepreneurial traits he lacks and what steps should be taken to set it.


3. Follow-up Phase:

Follow up phase of EDP has been termed as post-training phase. The ultimate objective is to develop competent entrepreneurs.

So that they can start their project. Post-training phase is a review phase of training programme. It consists of reviewing of work in the following manner:

  • Review of pre-training work
  • Review of actual training programme
  • Review of post training programme so that cost effectiveness of the present programme can be evaluated.
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