What change would you make to your hometown? – Essay

Essay/Article – 1

Teenagers nowadays live in an environment that is exposed to high technology. This includes the prevalent access to the Internet, the use of special gadgets such as the cellular phone, palm top computers, electrical organizers, and the like, all of which makes communicating with each other so much easier. Aside from this, youngsters like to hang out in clubs where they can dance the night away and listen to their favorite music being played by a live band. This is the missing link in my hometown province, Balayan, Batangas.

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Though Batangas is just a for-hour drive from the capital city of the Philippines, which is Manila, it is still considered a far province. With that, the technology and the places where young people like could hang out are very scant. Being a province where the culture is very much tight and conservative, the old natives of the land do not like their children being influenced by what they connote as “urban living.” They would still like to have the peacefulness and the early ways of girls being timed, shy and quite type and boys being courteous and gentleman in nature. Therefore, any deviation from these norms would appear to them as major acts of disrespect, whereby it would reach a point that elder people disgrace and disown any of their younger relatives who try to lead a life likened to that of city people. I think open- mindedness should solve this problem. It is just a matter of acceptance that it is not really too bad and that it does have some benefits as well.

Take for instance; going to clubs and parties develops camaraderie and meeting people increase ones circle of friends. No man is an island. One will never know that the person he meets today would help him out in the future. With this, I think a nice club with a live band, nice food and drinks would be a place to be for teenagers to hand out every night. As a compromise, it should not open until the wee hours of the morning, so the elders would not see it as so much as detriment to their children. Putting up Internet cafes would also be good. Having Internet connections helps province-based people to keep abreast with current events in the city or even international news. In this matter, they would not get bored. They would have a lot of topics to surf about in the Internet. Mobile telecommunication companies could also extend their services into to far-off provinces in order for every cellular phone to have a signal wherever a user may be. Loss of signal in certain places hinders teens from going to the provinces since they know they will have a hard time with communication.

Overall, it all boils down to two things-fun and entertainment. A certain place, which is not only limited to my hometown, should develop itself into becoming more appealing to the youth of today by bringing in things that could keep up with their level of thinking, with way they do things and counteract their very short attention span.

Essay/Article – 2

Everything in the universe is in constant change. And everything needs continual improvement if the every changing and increasing demand of humankind is to be met. If I were every given the chance to change one important thing about my hometown, it would be the Internet service. Needless to say that noting generally revolutionized the way we live as the Internet in the past decade. Thus, an improvement in this vital service would mean an even more, unheard betterment to the people in my hometown.


It is said that information is power. True saying indeed! I can envision how everything in my hometown could improve dramatically if the Internet service in it were made free, fast and staying out there like electricity, telephone or water all the time. One thing, a fast free and realizable Internet service could improve the way people work in hometown. With this service people in my hometown do not need to commute to a far place to do their job. This in turn would mean less traffic jams, spacious work place, more time for family and recreation and so on.

The way people learn would be another important thing that a fast, free and reliable Internet service could be useful for my hometown. People will have the chance to go through tremendous amount of information resources in a very small amount of time. This assures a more fulfilled life for my hometown people.

Since its advent, Internet touched every part of our life. It is a dazzling way improved the way we do business, learn and communicate. A change in Internet service implies good way of living for everyone in my hometown.

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