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Success has been an issue broadly discussed and defined by different approaches. Some say that being successful means being wealthy. Others associate success with popularity and power. A third approach would relate success with social and emotional well-being. So we come to the questions: “When can be someone considered successful?” and “What skills make success easier to achieve?”

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In order to answer the second questions, we should have a point of view about what success is. I consider that someone is really successful when that person is able to handle and enjoy social relationships. A leader can be powerful and recognized, but if he is unable to enjoy his leadership and feels lonely because he cannot establish a deep friendship, can we really say such leader is successful? On the other hand, a wealthy person may have all the possessions money can buy, but again, what if he cannot manage a marriage or a friendship? This person is likely to feel lonely and unsatisfied.

Developing social abilities may be a very helpful skill for a person to learn, in order to be successful in the social-emotional side of his or her life. One’s ability to develop could be effective and assertive communication. Many misunderstandings and conflicts can be prevented if we express our ideas clearly and respectfully, and if we learn to ask for clarification when we feel threatened or offended by something someone told us. Another, ability could be learning to handle teamwork. We need to learn to work with others at work, at home, at school, in our community. Getting into an agreement with our parents, children’s, coworkers and friends is a situation that can become hard to handle sometimes. Dealing with teamwork can be really helpful. Finally we could add the ability to deal with conflicts with others and conflicts with our own wishes or decisions. We will always find obstacles in our paths; it can be quite useful to know how to overcome them.


In my opinion, I would define success as being able to enjoy what you have, what you do and who you deal with everyday. And to achieve success, you should have skills that help you handle relationships with your peers. We are social creatures; we need each other to succeed, and to enjoy our success.

Essay/Article – 2

“It is never too late to learn” is an English proverb meaning that people should never stop learning all his life. In other words, life is a process of constant learning, which enables an individual to make continuous progress to perfect him or her as a human being. Therefore, deem the ability to learn is the most important skill of a person in the world today to achieve any accomplishments.

We are living in an era of knowledge explosion. There are too many skills to be grasped by a single individual within a comparatively short period of time. Skills considered necessary nowadays include English, computer, driving, etc. It is not likely for a fresh college graduate to be proficient in all these skills. The most possible occurrence is that a person first chooses his fled of profession and then starts to master those required skills in his field. Thus, I argue that the ability to learn new skills is more essential than the skills themselves.

Another reason for my avocation for the learning ability is that if a person is capable of acquiring new knowledge soon, he must be a smart, trainable and adaptable person who is what the rapidly developed society needs. In a society fraught with new difficulties and problems, a quick-witted person, when faced with them, will come up with solutions more easily than those who only know “the skills.” That is what I believe the capacity to acquire knowledge carries more weight than “the knowledge itself.’


In short, in a time teeming with many unprecedented events, the problem solving ability or new knowledge-acquiring skills is the most crucial one necessary for person who wants to be successful.

Essay/Article – 3

Two years ago, if you ask a person what they think is the most important skill to be successful in the world; you will get a variety of answers. If you ask a person who is about my age the same questions, presumably, eight out of ten will give the same answer as mine- the computer skill is the most important skill a person should learn.

Why I think computer skills is the most important skills? First, computer skills such as operating a word processing software package or typing are convenient and efficient. For example, I am writing this essay by using a computer. If I do not have computer skill, I cannot make a composition as quickly as possible; maybe I can only write on paper. Another example is that many colleges is offering online classes for student to choose from, which means the students can study in the comfort of their homes and acquire their knowledge by means of using computers at home.

Secondly, computers are an important tool for teaching and communicating between teachers and students. Recently, school teachers have an increasingly demand on students to turning in their papers or school works, and the teachers can score online. If the teacher has an assignment, they just send an e-mail to the students. In addition, many young people use computers to communicate with each other. They use online chat rooms, ICQs and messengers. They even play online games through the Internet. Therefore computer skills are important for students to communicate with their teachers and fellow students.


Last but not least, computer skill helps a person to find a good job after they graduate. As we open newspapers and search for a good job, we can find that computer skill is a required skill for nearly every job. Indeed, whether you work as a receptionist, salespersons, warehouse manager and office clerk, you have to operate a computer and therefore computer skills is absolutely necessary for these jobs and most others.

Although there are many other important skills for a person to succeed in today’s world, judging what I have mentioned above, I think my point of view is solid and sound. Having computer skills is one of the most important things in today’s world.

Essay/Article – 4

Nowadays people say that we have stepped into “The information Age”, therefore computer skills are one of the most important skills in today’s society. Being able to operate a computer is an advance technique and can increase one’s work efficiency and simplify many works.

Using a computer can help people do many complex works. You can calculate a very complex arithmetic problem. Many arithmetic problems in engineering are too complex to work out by hands. A computer can do these works conveniently and easily. You can also look for some references from a foreign country from a computer if you login in the Internet. You can save your documents in some discs on a computer no matter how large they are and you don’t need to take a lot of paper.

Computers can increase your work efficiency. With its help, you can book plane tickers and hotel rooms for a business trip. You can easily compile your files in a shorter time and retrieve them whenever you need. If you are an engineer, you can control machines automatically with the help of computer. The products are more precise than those controlled by hands and the products efficiency is higher. You can save a lot of time to consider other things and this is important for your success.

If you can operate a computer, you can sit down in your own home and control distant work. All you need to do is pressing some keys. With the help of a computer, your work can be simplified. You also can use a computer to communicate with your friends by emails and it is quicker and safer than ordinary means.

There are many other skills a person should learn to be successful, but I think that being able to operate a computer is the most important.

Essay/Article – 5

Upon the questions that what is the very important skill a person should learn in the world today, different people have different opinions. In my point of view, I prefer to think that communication is the most important skill for almost every person. There are many reasons to support my view.

Firstly, communication is a bridge between people. Nobody is omnipotent; people depend on one other in their daily lives. We all hope we can become the person who masters every skill and can complete every kind of work by ourselves. However the real skills and can complete every kind of work by us. However the real world tells us that this just is a dream. Therefore, people are interdependent; no one say that he does not need other people’s help. The society requires cooperation among people. Communication is the link. Communication is the first step of successful cooperation among people. By communication, we exchange thoughts and information, and get other people understand our needs and ideas. For example in a company, big or small, a manager always has to communicate with his boss, colleagues and subordinates.

Secondly, communicating can help is keep friendship and make new friends. Friends need to communicate to each other, so that they know each other’ needs and feelings. Indeed, one of the most important qualities of a friend is communication and understanding. If you are a good communicator, it is very easy for you to keep your friendship and make new friends. If you don’t communicate with your friends, you will not only fell lonely, but also can eventually lose your friends.

From all above, I think that communication is the most important skill for people to survive in this society. I hope everybody works hard to get the skill.

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