What is an Ideal Life?

An ideal life! What does the term literally mean? The word ideal means perfect and life means the precious gift bestowed to us by the creator of this universe with a purpose to have its all-round development that should be beneficial to the fellow human beings around us. A life which is spent totally in the service of others is called an Ideal Life.

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People have different concepts about happiness. To earn a lot of money in the life and to have all sorts of material comforts mainly surrounds the concept of happiness. People spend their whole life in just increasing their bank balance and hardly do anything for society. Such people are self-centered and are barely known and adored after their death. But, they fail to understand that the real happiness lies in making others happy.

In order to understand the notion of ‘Ideal Life’ you have to think about the great men like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and many other. The glory of their work can never fade. Just think about the way of life they lived, the struggles, the hurdles and all the encumbrances they faced. Think about the difficult situations they had undergone at that time. And still how they appeared with a torch to guide the generations. Despite of all these hindrances they were very optimistic to change the situations to make this world a better to live. They never thought of themselves and the deeds they had done were going to change the lives of the millions.


Let me tell you in short a story about Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. For the assassination of Collector Jackson of Nasik District in the Nasik Conspiracy Case Veer Vinayak Savarkar was convicted and sent to the cellular Jail on 7th April, 1911. All the freedom fighters in the jail were made to do a lot of hard work. They had to peel coconuts and take out oil from them. They were forced to go around like bullocks to take out oil from the mustard seeds. Outside they were forced to clear the jungles and trees on hillside leveling marshy land. They were flogged on refusal. On the top of this they did not get a full meal everyday. We all know that Savarkar was a great writer and the sufferings of the jail couldn’t stop him from writing. He continued to write in order to bring awareness among the Indians regarding their independence. He from the bottom of his heart believed that Indians should fight for their rights. He wanted to bring the people of India from the darkness of slavery into the light of freedom. Such should be our lives- not complaining about the circumstances and still continuing the work for the welfare of mankind.

God is invisible to us. But all around us we find His presence in all his creations. The noblest and the best of God’s creations is, indeed, man. If we wish to worship God, the best way to do would be to devote ourselves to the service of the poor, the downtrodden and the destitute. Everyone in this world recognizes the value of this kind of noble work and acknowledges its greatness. Rich men who build temples, churches, or mosques and spend lavishly on religious ceremonies are unwilling to help a beggar, an orphan, a widow or a poor but deserving student. Often their riches are accumulated through the exploitation of the helpless employees. They foolishly imagine that by spending large sums of money,   they will be able to atone for their sins and please God, This shouldn’t be the attitude towards life.

Rohit Sanjay Satarke

Class X, Amravati


More Information: Books

To learn more about Ideal Life, here is the list of ten books from notable authors which you must follow to learn more about ideal life.

  1. Symbols of Ideal Life: Social Documentary Photography in America 1890-1950 by Maren Stange.
  2. Talks to Teachers on Psychology; And to Students on Some of Life’s Ideals by William James.
  3. Happy 4 Life: Here’s How to Do It by Bob Nozik.
  4. High Ideals: The Life of Michael J Galvin by Priscilla G. Watkins.
  5. Live the Life You’ve Imagined: 100 Practical Strategies for Creating Your Ideal Life by Shonnie Lavender.
  6. Personal Semiotics: Discover the Secret Success Codes to Your Ideal Life Path Benjamin Franklin and Education: His Ideal of Life and His System of Education for the Realization of That Ideal by David Excelmons Cloyd.
  7. God’s Best for You: Discovering God’s Ideal Purpose for Your Life by Marilyn M. Helleberg.
  8. The Edgar Cayce Ideals Workbook: Taking Control of Your Life by Kevin J. Todeschi.
  9. Lucky You – How to Get Everything You Want and Create Your Ideal Life Using the Law of Attraction by David Hooper, and David R Hooper
  10. Ideals Friendship 2005 by Marjorie Lloyd.
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