What is the difference between Mitakshara and Dayabhaga schools of law?

The difference between Mitakshara and Dayabhaga are :

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1. The son gets a right by birth in the joint family property. In case he is adult, he can demand partition even during the life time of his father.

2. He has a say and can prevent his father from unauthorised alienation of ancestral properly.


3. A coparcener has no right to alienate his share in the joint family property. On his death without male issue, his interest survives to his brother.

4. The widow of the deceased coparcener cannot enforce partition. She has a right of maintenance.

5. The essence of a coparcenary is unity of ownership.


1. He has no right in the joint family property so long as his father is alive.


2. The father is absolute owner of the property and can deal with it the way he likes.

3. Each adult member male or female has a right to demand partition and can alienate his/her interest and on death his/her share will be inherited by his her heirs.

4. The widow becomes a coparcener with her husband’s brother and can demand partition.

5. The essence is unity of possession and not ownership.

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