What is the difference between Sociology and Economics?

In spite of these resemblances between the two and their inter-dependence, both economics and sociology are regarded as independent social sciences. The two disciplines differ from each other in the following respects.

(1) Economics is concerned with economic relation which constitute only one aspect of man’s social life. On the other hand, it is sociology which studies man’s social relations such as legal, political, religious, economic and the like.

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(2) The scope of economics is restricted by the study of man’s economic relations and activity only. On the other hand, sociology comprehends the whole society within its scope. Thus, the scope of sociology is considered much wider than that of economics.


(3) Economists are mainly interested in economic activities which are considered to be in-dispensable for enhancing material prosperity of the human beings. For this purpose they are concerned with the methods and techniques of production, distribution and consumption.

On the other hand sociologists are not interested at all in such mechanisms of production and distribution. They are rather more interested in the social aspect of economic activities or life of the people.

(4) Economics is concerned with the individual’s economic activities and relations. But it is sociology which aims at studying society as a whole. If the individual is regarded as the unit of economics, society is then regarded as the unit of sociology.

(5) Economics is considered to be much older than sociology. Although sociologists include economics within the scope of sociology, it must he admitted that sociology is comparatively a new social science. But it is economics which is regarded as a well developed social science.

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