What is the Need for women entrepreneurs in India?

There was a blind belief that men are the only bread winners of their families. This has been proved incorrect because GAD (Gender and Development) has clearly identified the role of women entrepreneurs. Now-a-days, service sector has played a significant role in providing employment opportunities to women.

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Besides most of women lives in semi-urban and rural areas and a lot of measures have been taken to promote women entrepreneurs. It is observed that women can establish business units in those areas where they have core competency.

Women have proved their core competency in the areas of Information Technology (IT), management, personal care services and health care services.


Women are encouraged in these areas of business as they have core-competency. Besides the above areas, women entrepreneurs have emerged in the new areas like data base management, designing and multi-media services. The followings are some of important reasons for emerging women entrepreneurship.

  1. Educated women do not find suitable job.
  2. Women do not feel comfortable to work in their houses.
  3. Women have an instinct to prove their innovative skill like men.
  4. Women desire additional income to provide support to their families.
  5. They have a desire for new challenges and opportunities for self-fulfillment.
  6. Desire to enjoy social status equal to that of men.
  7. Economic compulsions have encouraged for emerging of women entrepreneurs.
  8. Women desire to share family responsibilities like men.


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