What is Time Capsule?

What are the things that you think should be placed in a time capsule to represent out times to the future generations? Computers signify the ever growing and rapid development of technology. The different books published by various intelligent and bright authors reflect the different accomplishments of the present society. A map provides a visual idea of the topography and geography of the present day world. Pictures show important and memorable events in the history. Computers, books, maps historical pictures and the national flag symbolize the life of the people in this present day.

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Almost every household of the 21st century possesses a computer. This century, which is known as the digital age, have accumulated and advance way of communication through the development of computers and the Internet. A computer is contraptions made of various kinds of microchips connected by different wires and is powered by the electricity. It is composed of four major parts namely: the monitor, the central processing unit also known as the CPU, the keyboard and the mouse. The CPU acts as the brain of the computer, thus it is here where all the information is stored. The keyboard and the mouse provide connection from the user to the computer. These are used to programme different operations for the computer to do. The monitor is where the user could have a visual interaction on what is happening within the computer. Computers are very advantageous in today’s busy world. A computer is very helpful in minimizing the time for a paper job to be done. This also is used as means of communication around the world. These are some of the positive effects this contraption offers. Laziness and impatience are some of its negative effects. People sometimes become too dependable on computers to do their work that result to procrastination. Truly this is very admirable object that could be brought in the future but every contraption made have their positive and negative effect upon the person using.

Books are the major source of knowledge for every individual. Many books are published each day that focuses on different genres. Some books are informative like history or math while others are romantic. Through books, and the diligence of writers, much information was recorded. Books play a vital role on research especially for future historians. Through books, people are able to connect with the past. Books also reflect man’s evolvement intellectually. Surely, books are very reliable source of information for future generations. This is definitely a reasonable object that could be placed on a time capsule. Language or speech may differ after hundreds of years but at least through the production of these different books, historians of the future will have enough evidence to know of the life in our present generation.


The formation of the different continents changed greatly after billions of years. Earth’s geography and topography made it possible for living things to grow, population to grow, colonies to form and countries to be established. A map can show all these ideas. A map not only gives general directions but also gives important information. Maps manifest the physical aspect of the earth. The economy and strength of a nation is influenced by its geography. A map could be a very useful object; a historian could use to understand more about the geography of a particular time that affected the lifestyle of people.

Wars, famine, glory, power, happiness, and grief can all be expressed in a single picture. Pictures relate and visualize the life of people in a society. Many events have happened over the past years. These events were probably drawn or pictured and thus relate a very memorable incident in the history. These pictures may be important in general or may be important personally but one thing is for sure; these are cherished for eternity. Truly “a picture says a thousand words” and a mere picture of a flag could express various ideas about a country or a state. Historical pictures are certainly very essential in understanding the history of different time periods.

Traveling in time might be too vague for a person in this present but it would be good to be prepared and think ahead if ever a time capsule will be invented. A computer, various books, maps and memorable pictures are what I believe will be very useful for historians or even just for general people who will be living a hundred years from now.

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