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Bike Magazine goes with the tag line as “Indian’s only, Two-Wheeler Magazine”. Rightly, said for bike lovers like me “The Bike Magazine” is always in the top list of my favorite magazines. It gives us all the latest information, price list, news, tips and tricks on bikes which enables us to choose to most suitable bike for us within our budget.

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The most significant factor for me for choosing this magazine is it’s extremely high quality colorful pages which ensures better pictures quality of motorcycles. Pictures in this magazines are extremely attractive to drag out the attention of anyone who just glance over the magazine. The only thing, I didn’t like about the magazine is, it’s small letter size which gives a little pain to my eyes while reading for long hours. Sometimes the letter are so small that even the superman will find difficult to read. I can suggest to the editor of this magazine to do something with the fonts in order to improve the visibility of the letters. But overall this magazine has it’s own market domination and monopoly. A greater percentage of my friends are die heart fans of this magazine which becomes a great problem for me, becuase some of them never buy their own magazine issue, but prefer to take my issue and have fun with it.

And after that they tear some pages of the magazine in order to paste them in their bed rooms and and after several reminders they return me back my issue horribly condition. This is really ridiculous. Anyhow, friends I can suggest you, personally, to buy this magazine, in order to get the most out of it. The safety tips and tricks mentioned in the magazine are great and can ensure you a safe driving. Now a days, from internet we can visit many website on bikes but Magazine is a Magazine, and it will never lose it’s significance. For me my best friend is my bike “Bullet Electra 5S” which I purchased after earning money from my blog. My story goes like this . When ever I see any Royal Enfield bullet passing by, something happens inside my heart. The exact feeling I can’t describe you. Moreover, during the nighttime when I read the “Bike Magazine” and glance over the new fascinating models of Bullet. I become Mad and extremely passionate. I dreamed myself as riding on it Like  a King. Yes a Royal King. It’s a incredible emotions and attraction that made me to determine myself, to buy it at any cost. At last, I feel proud to invest my first online income to buy my dream bike. Bike Magazine with Royal Enfield just rocks becuase both are made like a Gun and goes like a Bullet …. So friends keep rocking..


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Cost : Rs 70/- (Seventy rupees only.)
Bike Magazine Subscription Price (Best offer )

  • Pay Rs 1300 for 3 years subscription and save Rs 1220 on the cover price.
  • Pay Rs. 100 for 2 years subscription and save Rs 680 on the cover price.
  • Pay Rs 600 for 1 Year subscription and save Rs 240 on the cover price


I would like to give a positive 8 out of 10 to this Magazine. I gave 8 not 10, only due to the font letter size issue as mentioned earlier.

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