Who is the richest person in Arunachal Pradesh?

Recently, I am doing a research project on the biographies of richest persons of India? The main aim of the project is to find out what really makes one person rich and another person poor? Here in India, the main problem is that there is no official record of the financial strength of the local billionaire or multi millionaires.

Top 10 richest People In India 2013 | GK MASTER

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We have to rely entirely on the Forbes List of billionaire which is published yearly by Forbes Magazine as well as its website. But here again, the problems is that Forbes has limited resources and thus it only estimates the net worth of any person from external sources. But is only getting information about any business tycoons or celebrities or politicians from external sources enough for calculating and publishing the richest list yearly? No! The problem of ascertaining the richest man of any demographic can be not solved until and unless the government of India starts creating demographic wise database of the richest among the rich?


To the best my knowledge, the economy of Arunachal Pradesh in under the process of development and there is no information available about the richest person of Arunachal Pradesh.

So you, be the first to answer it? Who is the richest person in Arunachal Pradesh? Let me know in the below given comment system. Waiting positively for your valuable comments?

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