Why Export Manager is regarded as – A Key Player?

Export manager plays a key role in conduct of export business. The traditional management structures with functional classification (purchase, marketing, finance, accounts, administration etc.) cannot ensure effectiveness in export management through all stages in the export cycle. There is, therefore, a need for separate export department headed by an export manager. The basic function of an export manager is to bring about coordination and integration of all those involved in the export transaction from within the traditional management structures (functional organization) and concerned external agencies to ensure timely shipment of goods as per buyer’s order.

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The export manager is responsible for the successful execution of the order in terms of time, cost and technical performance. He must provide the leadership necessary to bind the people and groups from different departments working on the export order, into one team in a managerial organization and provide the drive necessary to ensure its completion on time and within cost. He should have knowledge of the techniques applied in export planning, financial management, inventory management, merchandising, risk management, foreign exchange operations, exchange control, negotiation with banks informational systems, communication, personnel management and industrial relations, co-ordination and control. The effectives of export manager will, however, depend upon the extent of authority delegated to him by the top management.

In the end, it may be emphasized here that success of export management requiring the wholehearted, sincere and constructive support of all the functional managers in the organization. Good export management gets the export order completed within the time and the budget allocated for it.

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