Why People go to Museums – Essay

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When people travel to new places, they often choose the local museums as a must-see place. Sometimes the museums are even more attractive than the most famous place of interest. The phenomenon can be easily explained if the functions of museums are taken into account. As we have known, museums can help us understand the history, the customs and the most representative arts and crafts of a place.

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Different place has different history. And the most convenient way to understand the history is to visit the local museum. Last year when I traveled to Xi’an, an ancient city of China, I went to the history museum to explore the course of the city’s development. With the background knowledge provided by the museum, I found that it was much easier for me to understand the city. So the museum can take ay barriers between the tourist and the city by helping the tourist to be familiar with the city’s history. To a tourist, the most interesting aspect of a new place is usually its customs, which can be demonstrated by the local museum. The Beijing Custom Museum vividly shows the real life, the traditions and customs of typical Beijingnese. A visitor can satisfy his curiosity by learning about the origin and characteristics of the quart-yard-the traditional residential building style of Beijing. Thus, with the help of museums, tourists can have a deeper understanding of local people’s life and their customs.

Every place has its own representative arts and crafts. Tourists can have the access to a wonderful show of these arts and crafts in the local museum. For example, the town of Jing-De-Zhen, which is famous for its pottery-making tourists, can be excited by the beautiful pottery products and the complicated making process exhibited in the pottery museum. It will be pity if a tourist missed the wonderful show of the local arts and craft in the museum.


In a word, museums serve as a bridge between tourists and the place they visit. That is why people are so eager to visit museums when they travel to new places.

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It is an interesting phenomenon that, when travelling to new places they have never been to before, many people choose to visit museums. Why museums are people common choice? Based on my personal experience and according to my observation, I think this is because museums tell people a lot about the culture of those people and provide them with entertainment.

It is easy to find out many ways to obtain knowledge about the culture of the place where people visit for the firm time. You can go to a theater, a church or a nightclub. Another option is to sit in the park and watch the people around you. Among various options, visiting museums might be the most efficient way. Museums shows you the history and art and those things that the locals think important, some of the exhibits might be unique in the world. On the other hand, the museums themselves are part of the landscape of a place. Many museums are designed and built based on the historical and artistic characteristics of the places where the museums are located in. The Forbidden City Museums is the most favorite tourist site because not only it contains a large variety of historical treasures and art works but also it is the representative of the Chinese history and the highest achievement of Chinese ancient architecture. As a result, people are willing to choose museums as their first destination to understand culture of the place that they visit.

Museums also give people entertainment. Even if you are not interested in art or history, there is always something to catch your attention. Many museums now have what they call “interactive” exhibits. The “interactive” activities were originally designed to keep children occupied while their parents were looking at the exhibits. However, the interesting thing is that adults are keen to these activities as well as their children. It is fascinating to create your own work of painting at an art museum or to design an appearance of a robot by yourself in a science museum. People can be really pleased through performing the “interactive” works in museums, as well as a gaining related knowledge.


Both local people and visitors welcome museums because museums are an essential part of our life. They reflect our history, our art, our values, our creations and our dreams. No matter who you are and what you like, somewhere there is a museum that will amaze and interest you.

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