Winners of Infolinks – Win a Google Nexus One Contest Declared

Bloggers at regards Infolinks as the best In-Text Advertising company of the world. In fact some of them have quoted the Infolinks Publisher Program as the “Webmasters and Bloggers Welfare Program.” When the Global Internet CPM rates are going down day by day, one company that stands away from the folks is “Infolinks” – that really cares for its publishers.


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If you are a regular visitor of RB you must be knowing that last month Infolinks have started a contest named “Review Infolinks and Win a Google Nexus One!” in which more than 1000 of webmasters and bloggers have participated from different countries of the world. Today, we have the Winners among us.

And the Winners are

The first Nexus One goes to:


(1) for his article “Infolinks Review: Why Choose Infolinks?”

The Second Nexus One goes to:

(2) for his Spanish article: “Infolinks”.

Wii consoles go to:


(3) for his article: “Doubling blog revenue as easy as popping a bubble”.

(4) for the article: “Why you should use Infolinks on your blog/website”.

(5) for the article: “Infolinks Review – The best in-text Advertising Program”.

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