Write a letter to your friend telling him why you prefer the Career of a Business Executive

My dear friend

It was a pleasure to receive your affectionate letter a few days ago and to know your welfare. You have asked me what career I would like to take up after I taken the B.A. degree. In my opinion the best career for me would be the career of a business executive.

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There are various reasons executive to other careers. I am convinced that business managers have played a vital role in the economic development and reconstruction of the country. In the past, emphasis was laid on capital and labor, as the two factors necessary for the successful running of any industry. However, now it is a third factor also, that of management or organization. As a business executive, I will get an opportunity to synthesize or combine the other factors necessary for production, such as capital, labor, technical knowledge, etc., and thus show my resourcefulness.


The post of the manager of an industry will provide me with matchless opportunities to display my natural talents. For the successful discharge of his duties, a business executive must be a man of great in born gifts and general education, a man of intelligence and initiative. In addition to this, He must also have a sound knowledge of the technical details of the business. He has to manage, and so to take into account the market conditions relevant to it. Therefore, the career of an executive will enable me to show my intelligence, resourcefulness and capacity for taking initiative which I am sure would be further developed by the practical training which I will have to undergo.

As business executive, I will also have to achieve the harmonization of the technologist and the professionals with the generalist, of the theoretician with the pragmatist, of the sociologist, and above all, of the economist with the management itself, thought my dealing with all the factors of productions at all levels. The post of a business executive will develop my natural abilities, for an ideal manager must be capable of innovation, of thinking along new lines, as well as adapting the technical knowledge and skill acquired in other countries to the circumstances and atmosphere which he finds prevailing in his own country. He must have qualities of leadership, so that he may inspire the workers with enthusiasm for their work, and get their co-operation and goodwill.

In short, the career would enable me to serve my motherland, and contribute my little bit to the urgent economic problems which face the country. I am also adding that India’s crisis today is as much moral as economic. Men of honesty and integrity needed, if the country is to surmount her present troubles. I may humbly state that my family background and the education I have received at home will surely enable me to work sincerely and honestly, if I become a business executive.

Yours sincerely,



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