How to Conserve Soil?

The process of protecting natural resources is called conservation. Thus, protecting soil fro being eroded is Soil Conservation.

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The following steps can be taken to prevent soil erosion:

1. Afforestation:

The process of planting trees is called Afforestation. Trees, shrubs and herbs cover the soil and prevent soil erosion as their roots bind the soil. Greater areas should be brought under cultivation when trees are cut, new trees must be planted in their place.

2. Step Farming:


The rainwater flows very fast on hills. To slow down the flow of water, the mountain slope is cut into steps and farming is done over the steps. As water flows down from step to step, the soil erode from one step gets deposited on the following step.

3. Constructing River Embankments:

Rivers carry with them the soil from fields near the riverbanks during floods, thereby causing great damage. This can be prevented by making strong walls with rocks and stones on the banks of river. These walls are river embankments.

4. Preventing Overgrazing

Overgrazing removes the soil cover and exposes it to harsh winds. Suitable pastures should be developed for grazing animals like cattle, goat and sheep.

5. Planting hardy plants in deserts:

Plants that can withstand hot and dry climates should be planted in deserts. The roots of these plants hold the soil particles.


Soil conservation is the need of the hour. We should make every effort to conserve soil-one of the most important natural resources.

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