How to integrate Zen Photo with Joomla? – Solution

ZenPhoto is one of the best free Script or in other words you can say a free gallery CSM for creating outstanding photo galleries. It includes every component, modules, themes and features that you need for creating a web media gallery. Although there are many free and open source scripts available for the same purpose but the cutting edge the takes ZenPhoto ahead of other is its simplicity.

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So friends, if you love simplicity and want to create a powerful picture management system for you website then Zenphoto will be the best for you. Current more than 100 extensions and 50 + themes are available for enhancing the core features of this CMS. What I found very interesting about ZenPhoto is that high traffic websites like is using ZenPhoto for creating photo gallery for their respective websites.

Video on Zenphoto

We all know that Joomla is the best CMS for developing dynamic websites. If fact, Joomla is the best content management system for developing websites of any nature or niche. With Joomla one can create generally websites, intranet portals, video websites, wallpaper websites, Content sharing websites, Article Directories, Bookmarking sites, forums and etc. Currently more than 1500 templates and 4500 + templates are available for enhancing the core features and utility of Joomla.

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But unfortunately a good extension (module/component) for creating a powerful and huge photo gallery or wallpaper site is yet not available for Joomla. Webmasters are wondering again and again for finding a perfect script for collaborating or merging some other gallery management scripts with Joomla for the said purpose.

Some of the most popular galley scripts are 4images, Coppermine, jgallery, ZenPhoto, phpgallery, plogger and etc. Among all I personally prefer ZenPhoto for is user-friendly admin panel and robust front end.

Integration Requirements

1. A single user login for both Joomla and ZenPhoto

2. Customized ZenPhoto theme that looks similar like your Joomla theme.


3. Integrating ZenPhoto with Joomla without using frames.


Tragically no extension or anything is so far available for integrating Joomla with ZenPhoto. But many webmasters have managed to merge both odds by hiring an experienced Php developer or coder. In many websites like, and etc you can find many small and medium scale IT companies who can integrate both the CMS (Joomla + ZenPhoto) for few hundred dollars.

Otherwise, if you don’t want to spend any money then go for merging both the CMS by using the traditional iframes. Well SEO experts are always against iframes but believe me you can use iframes intelligently for ensuring good SEO. For this, just visit and click on the photo gallery link to see how they have implemented ZenPhoto on their website which is powered by Joomla. I will be updating this post as soon as I get a better solution. If you have any good solution please share it with me in the below given comment system.

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