Notes on Biosphere

The biosphere is unique to the planet Earth. It is a narrow zone where the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere come into contact with each other. This zone extends a little above and below the surface of the land. It is only in this narrow zone that life is possible. So far, no other planet is known to have this biosphere and therefore we may assume that no other planet has life on it.

Planet Earth on emaze

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All living things found in the biosphere may be broadly divided into the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom. The existence of all organisms is inter-linked with each other, i.e., they directly or indirectly depends upon each other. Nature has a way of balancing all its components.

In recent times, man’s increasing interference with nature is disturbing this balance. Man’s greater need to meet his demands for food and shelter has made him cut down trees and clear forests. This has resulted in the washing away of the topsoil, leaving that area barren. The soil washed away is deposited at the mouths of rivers causing floods. Floods lead to destruction of crops and cause damage to life and property. Further, rapid industrialization has increased the need for all types of raw materials like coal, petroleum, minerals, et. Industrial waste-most of it poisonous-is being dumped into rivers and oceans. This is killing marine life. We too are consuming these toxins indirectly through plants and animals. Many plant and animal species have become extent and many are on the brink of extinction due to man’s greed for progress at all costs.


It is high time we realized that we need the environment for our won survival and for the survival of other life forms. Hence, we must learn top respect nature and try to not to disrupt its ecological balance.

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