What are the sources of water and its uses?

Sources Water:

Rain, fall’s, the main source of water and it is reserved by other resources such surface water and ground water.

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Surface Water:

Surface water is provided by flowing water of river, lakes tanks, ponds or artificial reservoirs.

Ground water:

Water reserved on underground by percolation of the surface water through the porous state of earth’s crust. Water is trapped by digging wells.

Use of Water:

Water is used for various purposes:

  • Water is used for various house hold activity and for specially drenching.
  • Water is used for electricity.
  • For cooling machine in the industry.
  • For irrigation with field of agriculture.
  • For transportation.
  • For cleaning purposes.


Water is almost needed for domestic use such as cooking, washing utensils, bathing, clothing, cleaning houses etc.

In case of agricultural use for irrigation for multiple cropping. In the municipal areas water supplied by pipes for domestic use, cleaning streets and irrigation in lawn and gardens.

Different activities in industries need water for generation of power for cooling machines and cleaning purposes.


Large volume of water is needed for power production from thermo and hydroelectric projects. Water is almost needed for generation of hydel power. Transportation by water ways is cheaper than high ways and railways.

For recreational use such as swimming fishing and boating water bodies are required.

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