What are the uses of Metals?

A mineral from which a metal can be extracted conveniently and profitably is called on ore.

Normally ores are found mixed with a lot of impurities such as soil and rocks. The quantities of impurities vary and where there are fewer impurities, they are called high-grade ores. The impurities are called gangue.

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Uses of Common Metals

Uses of Iron:

  • Cast iron is used for making pipes, sinks, cylinders, stoves, etc.
  • Wrought iron is used for making agricultural implements, wire nets, chairs, nails, etc. It is also used for making cores of electromagnets.
  • Iron is converted into different kinds of steel. The steel is used for making tools, ships, bridges, machinery, etc.

Uses of Aluminum:

  • It is used for making paints and mirrors.
  • It is used for making utensils, aluminum foil, electric wires, etc., as it is malleable and ductile.
  • Since it is a light metal, it is used for making the body of ships, cars, etc.
  • For making alloys such as duralumin and magnesium, etc., which are very strong. These alloys are used for making aircraft, rockets, etc.

Uses of Copper:

  • Extensively used for making electric appliances.
  • For making electric conductors for generators and electrical transmission.
  • As electrodes for electroplating applications.
  • Used in printed circuit boards for electric circuits of electronic equipments.
  • For making certain alloys like brass, bronze and German silver.

Uses of Zinc:

  • The metal is used principally as a protective coating, or galvanizer, for iron and steel; as an ingredient of various alloys, especially brass; as plates for dry electric cells; and for die-casting.
  • Zinc dust is used as an important reducing agent in the manufacture of synthetic drugs, perfumes, etc.

Uses of Lead:

  • Lead is used for making many alloys.
  • It is used for making lead pipes and containers for corrosive liquids.
  • It is used in storage batteries.
  • It is used for making protective screens for X-rays and other harmful radiations.

Underground telephone cables are protected by lead covering.

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