What are the Uses of Nitrogen?

Nitrogen constituents about 78% of air by volume. It is an important constituent of proteins and is present in the form of ammonium salts and nitrates in the soil. It is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas slightly lighter than air. Nitrogen is incombustible and a non-support of combustion.

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Uses of Nitrogen:

  1. Nitrogen dilutes the oxygen in air and slows down the process of combustion. Since nitrogen is incombustible and a non-supporter of combustion, combustion takes place at a much slower rate in the atmosphere.
  2. Nitrogen is an important constituent of proteins, which are necessary for the growth of animals and human beings.
  3. Nitrogen is essential for the normal growth and development of plants. Plants convert nitrogen into proteins.
  4. Nitrogen is used in the manufacture of several nitrogenous compounds like ammonia and nitric acid.
  5. Nitrogenous compounds like ammonia, potassium nitrate and urea are used as fertilizers.
  6. Nitrogen compound like trinitrotoluene (TNT) nitro-glycerin and nitrocellulose are used as explosives.
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