Essay on Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a region in the world, which is located to the south-east of the United States and for years so many ships and planes have lost while trying to pass through it. The triangle is formed by drawing imaginary lines from Melbourne, Florida, to Bermuda, to Puerto Rico, and back to Melbourne, Florida. The area of the triangle is approximately 440,000 square miles.



There exist many controversial things about the Bermuda Triangle. One is that there have never been any wreckage or bodies found from any reported missing ship or aeroplane. During the period 1974-76 more than five hundred yachts and other planes have disappeared off the coasts of the United States, a good percentage of these losses occurring within the Bermuda Triangle. There are many disappearances within the Bermuda Triangle that we can’t be told about. The reason behind these disappearances may be due to (a) Some incidents may take place in the vicinity of non-NATO ships or planes with potential international repercussions; (b) other incidents involving loss of communication contact, alteration from flight plan or course might be interpreted as lapses of professional expertise; (c) still others seem so fantastic that they are evidently simply removed from the ship’s logs perhaps for the reason that an account of an unrelated incident would endlessly complicate and eventually obscure the report of the basic mission.

There are various theories, which try to explain the Bermuda triangle mystery. One theory is that the Bermuda Triangle possess a magnetic field in it. This is emphasised by the fact that whenever satellites go over the Bermuda Triangle any tapes or pictures that they try to take of it don’t develop. That could be because tapes are affected by the magnetic field and if magnetic forces were used on them, all of the information and data on them would be erased. This supposed magnetic field does not interfere with the orbits of the satellites, but can erase magnetic tape 8 miles from earth. Many theorists had a opinion that it is all aliens and UFO’s that are making these planes, people, and ships disappear. Many people have reported seeing giant glowing discs much bigger than ships, flying through the air many of which just disappear or dive into the water or up into space. Another theory, which is taking round, is based on the fact that subterranean volcanic eruptions that are taking place continuously. It is plausible that due to the great depths and pressures of the geosynclines under the Atlantic volcanic eruptions quite different to the kind that created the Pacific atolls are taking place in this area. The unusual phenomena of the ships that have been found afloat with no one aboard can be explained by assuming that these eruptions, like all known volcanic eruptions, vary in magnitude and duration. These ships may have been bombarded with smaller fragments not powerful enough to sink the ship. The horrifying spectacle of these firebombs suddenly emerging from the sea and bombarding the ship would throw the crew into such a panic that they would immediately abandon ship. The fact that these mysterious phenomena only take place on certain dates, and that thousands of ships and planes pass through this mysterious region without incident seems to indicate that these incidents have a cyclic nature similar to the tendency of volcanoes.


An expedition made by Dr. David Zink from Lamar University, researcher Dr. M. Valentine, Dr. J. Throne, and a few others in the 1977 has provided information that the ruins are not just natural rock formations. They are not just natural beach rocks but a different type of rock that was placed there in formations, perhaps ruins of an ancient civilisation. Another strange phenomenon that goes on in the Bermuda Triangle is how radio and TV transmissions have been lost. Ships and planes have received transmissions of radio and TV that are years old, as if they were just lost and travelled the world thousands of times.

A report prepared by the Astronomy Survey Committee of the United States National Academy of Sciences, states that “Each passing year has seen our estimates of the probability of life in space increase, along with our capabilities for detecting it. More and more scientists feel that contact with other civilizations is no longer something beyond our dreams but a natural event in history of mankind, which will perhaps occur within the lifetime of many of us. The challenge is now bigger, either to move away from it or to wait much longer before devoting major resources to a search for other intelligent beings. In the long run solution to this intriguing problem may be one of science’s most important and most profound contributions to mankind and to our civilisation”.

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