Essay on Email

Electronic mail lets you send messages and receive messages in electronic form. The person you communicate with could be any other users on the internet. The e-mail is transmitted between computer systems.

10 Tips for Elite Email Etiquette

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The steps for sending an email are as under:

  • Start on email programme.
  • Give the address of where to send the email.
  • Compose a message using that email programme.
  • Give a command to send the message.


Speed: email is far quicker correspondence than ordinary postage. A message can reach any part of the world in fraction of a second.


Content: The message many consist of only a few lines of text or of several hundred lines. Unlike the postal service, the message in not charged by weight.

Cost: Nothing is charged for sending and receiving email even thought the message travels across the world.

Receiving Messages: We need not to sit no our computer all the time to receive a message. The message is stored by our service provider. It will deliver the message to us, when we ask for it.

How does an email message reach its destination? If you want to send an email at my adders which happens to be [email protected], then the rightmost part of the address is called the zone. The zone is this case is yahoo. The mail looks for the server where it resides. Finally, when the mail reaches, it looks for the mail directory for the user sunny2001 and puts the mail in it.


Email progress: An email program enables us to send, receive and manage your messages. One of the most popular email programs is The email programme has a capability to send and receive email via World Wide Web. Members are not charged for this service. When a user registers to avail this service, the user receives a password and an account. The user is entirely responsible for the maintenance and confidentiality of the password and the account. The user can chance the password at any tie and also set up a new account and close an old one at his/her own will.

Email features:

Reply to a Message: we can reply to a message. Our reply should include the original message (known as quoting). Quoting is helpful to the reader to know of the message we want to reply to.

Forward a Message: We can forward the message we have received to someone else. Email programs enable us to dispatch a copy of the message to other users.

Store Messages: important message can be stored. We can go through the message again whenever we want.


Delete a Message: We must delete unwanted messages at regular intervals otherwise the mail will pile up in our inbox.

Print a Message: a message can be print to procure a hard copy.

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