What is Noise Pollution?

Noise means unpleasant sound that causes discomfort. So noise pollution is referred as an unwanted sound that causes discomfort, disturbances and irritation and disturb the “verbal”, communication with ill effects to physical and mental health.

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Causes of Noise Pollution:

The causes of noise are two types such as; natural causes and manmade causes.

Natural causes:

Thunder storm, thunder clap and the sound caused by animals.

Manmade Causes:


The sound create by industries, automobiles, trains, aero planes, jet planes, rocket, musical instruments, TV, radio, telephone, loudspeakers and washing machines, religious and social functions.

Various Types of Noise Pollution:

There are different types of noise pollutions such a follows:

Industrial Noise Pollution:

The inhabitants close to the factories, estate are subjected to noise pollution. It causes partial deafness.


Town Noise Pollution:

In town the vehicles such as trucks, cars, and two wheelers create or generate sounds and people suffer from there, auditory nerves and nerves disease created. The drivers suffer from partial deafness and nerves weakness.

Railway Station Noise Pollution:

In railway stations more gathering causes noise pollution.


Airport Noise Pollution:

Noises from air transport are more intense and such intensity is maximum when air planes take up and landing of air craft’s.

Market Noise Pollution:

In share market the crowd creates noise which remains always noisy and cause auditory disorders of the people.

Effects of Noise Pollution:

Because of noise pollution there is auditory defects and auditory fatigue. There is also a side effect as whistling and buzzing in ears. Deafness is caused and there is also temporary deafness such noise interferes with speech and sound signals bring misunderstanding.

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Excluding this physiological disorders are seen such as: neurosis, anxiety, hepatitis disease, behavioral and emotional stress and fatigue etc. noise also causes visual disturbances and reduces depths and quality of sleep and affecting over alls mental and physical health. Noise pollution also causes the incidence of peptic ulcer. Continuous noise causes an increase in cholesterol level prone to heart attack and strokes.

Control of Noise Pollution:

  • Noise can be controlling by designing and fabricating silence devices in air craft’s engines, automobiles and industrial machines.
  • Transmission control can be done by converting the room walls with sound absorbers as acoustic tiles.
  • Silence zone must be created near schools, colleges, hospitals, and indiscriminate use of loud speakers at public places may be done by laws.
  • Workers exposed to noise should use ear plugs and ear muffs.
  • Use of air horns in vehicles must be banned.
  • Loud playing of gram phones, radios, TV. Etc. should be banned.
  • To obey the high court orders – by stopping the use of stereos or loud speakers playing at 65db. (ii) Playing stereos after 10 pm. should be stopped and (iii) loud sound should not be allowed near hospitals, courts and human habitations etc.
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