What is Nuclear Pollution?

Huge energy will be released by Nuclear Fission. This nuclear fission can be used for two purposes – one for atom bombs, and another for nuclear energy, i.e. electricity.


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America had throng first nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan during the Second World War. Too much disaster was created by the atom bombs fallen on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan surrendered itself to America immediately. As a result, the Second World War was stopped. Since then America, soviet Russia, France, England, China, etc, countries have accumulated several thousands of nuclear bombs. There are several other countries accumulated the atom bombs, including India, Israel, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea etc. Now the formula of atom bombs is not in secret. Every some groups of terrorists also know this formula.

The effects of each nuclear bomb, if it is put into use, shall create huge disaster and danger to the human beings and environment. What was happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world witnessed.


In 1968, the first review conference of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was concluded by majority of the States. It aimed to prevent nuclear bombs. As NPT has shown discrimination between the Nuclear States, i.e. America, China, Soviet Russia, France, England and other courtiers, India did not sign on it.

Cold War:

There was a stringent cold war between America and Soviet Russia upto 1992. the cold war between super powers had caused too much threat to the globe as each of these countries accumulated more and more nuclear weapons. There was a breath-stopping tension between these two groups. It was feared that if the third world war happens, no human being or tree shall survive. The reason is that in the future war; the traditional weapon would not be used. The nuclear weapons accumulated at States upto 1990s have the capacity to smash the entire world for fifteen times. The testing of nuclear weapons also threatened the ozone layer. However due to the splitting of Soviet Russia into 15 small countries and destruction of the Soviet Power, now America remains as the only super power in the world. Hence cold war ended. There were several agreements between America and Soviet Russia to reduce the number of nuclear weapons.

However, cold war was ended between America and Russia, now there are several other countries possess the atom bombs and their technology, i.e. India, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea, Iran etc. Now the threat of nuclear bombs is more than previous, as there is a chance of getting this technology by the terrorist.

Nuclear Plants:

Now, besides the nuclear bombs, the world also fears about nuclear plant sand their bad affects on the people and environment. If a nuclear plant fails and bursts, it could create more and more pollution, deaths in its country and also its surrounding countries.

Nuclear Disaster:

The electricity produced by the nuclear plants costs cheap. Hence several countries established nuclear thermal plants. In the early 1990s, 17 percent of the world electricity was produced from about 420 nuclear reactors in 25 countries. France has 73% of its electricity generated by nuclear reactors. Belgium generates 66% of its electricity by nuclear plants, Britain (20%, whole Europe (30%), Canada (20%), USA (20), Korea (20%), Taiwan (49%), etc. The reason is that nuclear fuels contain much more energy than conventional and traditional fuels.


Stockholm Declaration made it clear the principle of “Sustainable Development”. The economic development should not cause environmental pollution. We cannot cut our throats with golden knife. The Chernobyl nuclear plant leakage cased shock and fear throughout the world.

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