Short Notes Soil Pollution

Soil Pollution

Any substance that adversely affects the productivity of soil is called a soil pollutant. Contamination of soil with pollutants like insecticides, artificial fertilizers and industrial wastes is called soil pollution. The major sources of soil pollution are:

  1. Pollutants like acids washed off from the atmosphere (acid rain).
  2. Pesticides and herbicides sprayed in fields.
  3. Excessive use of artificial fertilizers.
  4. Solid wastes like garbage, trash, ash, building material, plastic, bottles and cans.
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How to Control Soil Pollution?

  1. Avoiding excessive use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.
  2. Minimizing emissions from motor vehicles and industries (to control acid rain).
  3. Using the garbage, trash and Industrial wastes as sanitary landfill where untreated waste is buried in layers covered with soil.
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