What is the Purpose of Law?

The main purpose of law is to maintain ‘law and order’ in the country and to see the peace shall prevail in the country. It has to perform ‘police functions’.

Florida Statute 741.401 - Legislative findings; purpose

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Plato, the Greek Philosopher, explains the purpose of law: “Mankind must either give themselves a law and regulate their lives by it or live no better than the wildest of the wild beasts.

Jeremy Taylor explains the importance of law in a nice metaphor: “A herd of wolves is quitter and more at one than so many men, unless they all had one reason in them, or have one power over them.” This metaphor gives the meaning that man is a fighting animal. Fighting behavior of animal is instinct in every man till to-day. The majority of pictures screened in every language viz. English, Chinese, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, etc. etc. are full of fighting and violence. Majority of the people are willing to see such type of picture only. This shows the fighting in the pictures satisfy the instinct nature of us. To prevent violence in the society, law and order is necessary.


Hobbes says:Law has been brought into the world for nothing else but to limit the natural liberty of particular men in such a manner as they might hurt, but assist one another and join together against a common enemy.”

The Four Advantages of Law in Precise

  1. Law and Order
  2. By using law, ‘status quo’ can be maintained in the society.
  3. It enables ‘more freedom’ to individual.
  4. It is the function of law, which can satisfy the needs of the people in the society.
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