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Some of the important washing equipments used in laundry are: 1. Tubs and Buckets 2. Boilers 3. Bowls and Basins 4. Scrubbing Board 5. Scrubbing Brush 6. Suction Washer 7. Washing Machine 8. Finishing Equipment 9. Irons 10. Ironing Board or Table.

Equipment # 1. Tubs and Buckets:

These are very much essential for washing of fabrics. They are used for various purposes like steeping, washing, rinsing, blueing, starching, dyeing etc. Sometimes they are used as boilers. These are made up of irons and plastics.

Equipment # 2. Boilers:

Heavily soiled fabrics, bed covers, table and bed linens require boiling. The boiler is necessary for this purpose. It may be made up of tin or iron. Wooden boiler stick is also necessary to remove the fabric from the boiler.

Equipment # 3. Bowls and Basins:

These are utilized for several purposes. Some are necessary for steeping of small silk and wool garments. They are also used for the preparation of stiffening agents, blue and -dyes. Bowls may be used for stain removal.

Equipment # 4. Scrubbing Board:


A scrubbing board or a washboard is a useful laundry equipment. Very dirty clothes can be cleaned by this board. These boards are less harmful than the scrubbing brushes. Scrubbing Board is used for spreading of fabric and applying soap on it and again for rubbing purposes. Scrubbing Boards are made up of wood, a corrugated sheet, stainless steel, glass with a corrugated surface. Varieties of scrubbing boards are available in the market. The use of scrubbing board is an improvement on the dhobi’s method of washing.

Equipment # 5. Scrubbing Brush:

Both rough and soft brushes are available. These brushes are used for cleaning very soiled part of the fabrics.

Scrubbing Brush

Equipment # 6. Suction Washer:

This is a mechanical equipment by which dirt and dust can be easily removed. This machine consists of two parts. The top part is the wooden handle and the bottom part is the washer. The washer is made up of copper or other metals like zinc which is free from rusting. The washer is perforated all over its lower portion.


All heavy woolen materials can be easily cleaned by a suction washer. Some of these suction washers are hand operated and some by electricity. This machine is moved up and done in the container where the fabrics are immersed in soap solution. By the rotation of this machine, the liberated dirt and grease enter into the holes of the suction washer plate and the fabric is cleaned which is rinsed in clear water.

Suction Washer

Equipment # 7. Washing Machine:

Washing machines are commonly used by each and every family in town areas now. The operation is through electricity. Both automatic and semiautomatic washing machines are available in the market. There are two parts in a machine. On one side there is a container for fabric and soap solution.

A motor is fixed in the machine which rotates and agitates the clothes in soap solution to remove the dirt. The other side of the container is for drying of fabric. In a semiautomatic machine, some of the washing processes is done by hand.

Equipment # 8. Finishing Equipment:


After drying of the fabrics, finishing is required. This is done by ironing of the fabric.

Ironing Board

Equipment # 9. Irons:

Different types of irons are available in the market. Electric irons are mostly used in modern homes. Charcoal Iron was used in India for a long time. But now-a-days electric irons used in homes as well as by the dhobis. Irons of various weights are available. They have nickel and chromium surface which are rustles. They have quicker heating property. For their smooth and bright surface, ironing becomes easier and more satisfactory. The user must be careful enough while using electric iron.

Equipment # 10. Ironing Board or Table:

Ironing boards facilitate ironing. They are padded with flannel cloth. At the time of ironing, the table should be covered with a sheet. There are so many types and sizes of ironing boards. Tables with blankets and sheet of clothes can also be used for ironing of fabrics. All these equipment are to be taken care of, so that they may last for longer period of time.

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