6 practical suggestions for making Joomla much more powerful

Since 2005, Joomla is used by millions of webmasters across the world. The launch of Joomla 1.5 was one big remarkable achievement and now the legacy is going to continue as the next version, Joomla 1.6 is expected to be released soon.


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As an optimized and addicted Joomla webmaster, my daily habits involves doing things like, working on new sites for my clients, updating my old sites, taking backups, writing and managing contents for feeding my blog, reading a lot on allied topics and doing a lot more allied works.

Well, I am very much satisfied with the recent development in Joomla but still, I may like to suggest some key points, that I think will eventually improve Joomla to a greater extended.

Some Practical Suggestion

1. Expanding default Joomla Installation

Some of the most mandatory extensions that no Joomla webmaster can live without are K2 component, sh404sef, JoomFish and etc, if not more.


K2 includes a lot of features like nested categories, tags, comments, improved front end user article submission, improved content editor, enhanced image and video manager and a lot more options for helping webmasters for creating site of any nature like huge news/ magazines sites, company portals, personal blogs, article submission sites and etc. K2 has become an integral part of Joomla and needs to be pre-installed in default Joomla installation kit.

Sh404sef has its own market monopoly for serving as the best SEO component for Joomla. It offers the ultimate features for URL management, SEO, analytics and security. Although, it comes as low as $ 35, but still, the taste would be different, if it comes semi-free with the default installation of Joomla. Well, Sh404sef has a lot of options and no one could afford giving it for free, but still at least the SEO friendly URL management should be liberated somehow.

The world has now turned smaller than a small village. I am now connected with the rest of the world, right from my laptop. In a scenario like this, JoomFish helps us to present our sites and blogs in multiple languages. Thus it would be awesome to include this extension in the default Joomla kit.

2. A better sitemap component

From SEO point the view, the better your sitemap, the better will be your site presence on various search engines. Sitemaps are like roadmaps that show path to the search engine robots for indexing various sections, categories and WebPages. Well, if you have a site within hundred pages, then you can use any available sitemap extensions for generating HTML or XML sitemap for Google.


But, the real problem arises when you have a big site with tens of thousands of pages on it like or As per webmaster quality guidelines, you should given less than 100 links per page, abiding this, the need of the day demands, a cool sitemap extension that creates HTML sitemap and arrange the web-pages, in terms of year, month, week and days.

3. Enhanced Sh404sef component

Sh404sef, in fact, includes a lot many features for managing the site URLs and security. Using this, you can easily create URL by section, category, and auto ids. Including your section or category in your webpage URLS, is not advisable because it create unnecessary long tail URLS. Well, the auto id system is great, but it should be only used by new sites because it enables Google to display your posting date in search results.

So anyone doing a Google search will notice the posting date in search result, and if the posting date looks old, he may not like to click on it. So, it would be better if a system is created by Sh404sef for creating URL with a small 2 or 3 digit auto id. For example

4. Joomla super Cache

The default Joomla caching system needs some more improvement. According to my personal experiment, a typical Joomla site consumes a lot of CPU and allied hosting resources. So, it would be awesome, if a plug-in is developed for Joomla just like the “WP Super Cache plug-in”.


This caching plug-in should generate static HTML files from dynamic Joomla site and after this is done, the web server must serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier Joomla PHP scripts.

5. Multi Installation

Should I create one big site or different small sites? Well, the one and only right answer to this question is: -“It depends”. Well, it is very difficult to manage and brand a number of small sites, but this simply does means that it is easily to create one big site. However, it would be a significant achievement if an in-build multi-installation system is developed for Joomla.

In should include features like one login, related article display for all installations, content sharing across multi sites and etc. Just like we have one login for Google account from which we can manage all the services offered by Google, in the very same way, a multiple domain, multi-installation feature in Joomla will power the webmasters to create one user database and login for network of sites and blogs.

6. One login extension

Every content management system has its own uniqueness and advantage. We should not go on comparing one CMS with another because this will simply create nothing but more confusion. So I think, it would be a great outcome, if an incentive is taken by us, for developing a new open source plug-in named “One-Login” for connecting Joomla with other major powerful content management systems.

For example, it is very difficult for an average webmaster to create a bookmarking site like digg in Joomla but on the other another CMS named pligg can be easily used for creating powerful bookmarking and URL sharing site. Likewise, there are plenty of other useful content management systems, if connected with Joomla will create the next big impact, in the Joomla webmaster’s fertility.

At this moment, we are just one step away from making Joomla the best of the best CMS of the world. So, my friends, let’s work a bit  more harder, to achieve this perfection.

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