A praiseworthy Tag Clouds extension/ module for your Joomla Blog or website -Zaragoza Clouds

Well, we all know the importance of using customizable cloud module in our Blog or website. On one hand some SEO doctors suggests that tag clouds extensions are really great modules for making our Joomla/Word press website or Blog more SEO friendly , traffic friendly and profitable but on the other hand some other SEO specialist comments the cloud extensions/module as a bid “SPAM”.

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When I investigated the matter and learned that every comment on cloud module seem to be partially correctly because nobody know the exact SEO algorithm used by Google/Yahoo/MSN etc. But I decided to use a tag cloud extension in my Joomla Blog only when I learned that professional Bloggers like Darren Rowse , Joel Comm and Amit Agarwal have already approved their green signal towards tag clouds extension.

Most Popular Cloud Extension for Joomla website or Blog.


Zaragoza Clouds by is one of the most popular cloud extension for any Joomla website or Blog. It automatically generated a list of Cloud with the most used words from our content item. It also take into consideration on the factors like website/Blog title, intro and text sized by their number of appearance in our Joomla website. When we click on any cloud items it redirects us to the default search page of our website with the results for that particular word. Moreover the Zaragoza cloud module can be configured by it’s module parameters.


Main Advantage :

Other competitive tag cloud Joomla extension are really very complicated because those come with plug-in, modules and components. But Zaragoza Cloud module comes with only a module in zipped file. For installing the same we don’t need to install any external plugin or components.


Positive comments

“This module was very easy to install and the configuration is good. I think is should have the ability to select which fields, title, intro text and full text that you would like to include in the Cloud. Also, adding the meta keywords would be nice.”


“Awesome! works as advertised. lots of options inside. Would be nice to have the option to cloud the searches as well, also would be nice to randomize the cloud.”

Note : The most praiseworthy things is that the owner of the website, always response to every user comment with positive attitude. Thanks a lot to the owner of Zaragoza Clouds for Joomla website and Blogs. Wish you all the best for life. Eagerly waiting for the release of update versions..

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