Does your error message look like this “Upload failed (Read/Write Error) ” in Joomla?

Think of the day when you wanted to upload something in Joomla by using the media manager and was frustrated when you are Unable to do so due to the above error message. In the time of emergency these type of error is really ridiculous. Let’s understand the upload problem in Joomla 1.5 minutely.

Fake Funny Error Messages! -DareTheDev

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Whenever you want to upload anything using Joomla 1.5 Media Manager, two significant things that matters are (1) Some of the core Joomla 1.5 files needs writeable permission (2)And the writable permission of the Folder to which you want to upload the files. So we need to give attention to both these extreme factors.

Media Manager method

  1. Just have a look on the below image and make all the given directories and file writable. You can do that from your server space control panel such as CPanel or from your FTP Software. To do this make the folder permission property to 755. In some cases you need to contact your Hosting Provider.
  2. Simultaneously make sure that the folder to which you want to upload yours files/folders is correctly writable (777).
  3. Now go to Site -> Media Manager and try to test upload.



FTP Software Method
There is also an alternative method to do the above work by using any FTP Software.

  1. Log in to your FTP software by giving your website host name, username and password.
  2. Then upload your files to the destination directory.
  3. Problem Solved.
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