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Joomla Core Features e-book. (by Mr James William Ramsay) [Free]

Solutions to Questions Like:

  • Describe Joomla Core Features ?
  • What are some of the core features of Joomla ?
  • Is Joomla extension are only Regarded as Joomla Core Features ?
  • Describe James William presentation about Joomla Core Features ?
Joomla! Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide (Joomla! Press ...

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The present e-book “Joomla Core Features” has been written by Mr James William Ramsay, primarily to meet the requirement of the novice Joomla webmasters. It aims at providing clear understanding of the fundamental features of Joomla. To be specific the e-book deals with topic like Joomla components, Joomla Modules, Joomla plugins and Joomla templates. Special efforts have been made to present a simple, systematic and analytical study to the Joomla learners without involving them into the intricacies and unnecessary details of the subject.


To enable the reader an easy and quick grasp of various ideas, the subject-matter has been properly divided into sections, sub sections and further into small headings and points, of course, not at the cost of losing the logical link and continuity of thought. Other important features of the book are comprehensive coverage, simple style, lucid languages, use of diagrams, tables and illustrations. It is hoped that the books will prove very useful to both the Joomla novice and advance learners. Download Now

Joomla 1.5 Quick Start e-book. (by Joomla Document Work Group) [Free]


Solutions to Questions Like:

  • What is the best way to learn Joomla ?
  • Which is the best Quick Start ebook for Joomla 1.5 ?
  • How to begin with Joomla 1.5 ?


This PDF e-book is written by the Joomla Document Work Group (JDWG) with a key mission to provide in-depth knowledge on topic like XAMPP Setup, Joomla download, Joomla Installation, Joomla Configuration and site management. The routines in this book can be applied intelligential to create professional quality Joomla websites with minimum effort, and together they form a library of useful solutions to many problems that are faced by Joomla webmasters.

The procedures and techniques presented in this e-book are “ready-to-run”, and few will require modification. However, most of the topics are explained in technical details for those who wish to learn Joomla in a deeper way. Anyhow, this e-book is especially intended for Joomla novice. This e-book begins with some basic instruction for designing, developing and deploying typical Joomla websites. Best of luck…the journey towards Joomla begins tonight! Download Now

Joomla 1.5 Installation Manual e-book. (by Andy Wallace) [Free]
Solutions to Questions Like:

  • How to install Joomla on Local Host ?
  • How to install Joomla on Remote Host ?
  • How to configure MYSQL Database for installing Joomla ?
  • How to set FTP account details while installing Joomla ?
  • Describe Step by Step procedure for installing Joomla ?
  • What are the diffrent platforms in which Joomla can be installed ?
  • How to import MYSQL database in Joomla ?

This e-books named “Joomla 1.5 Installation Manual” is written by Andy Wallace. It covers the topics like requirement for Joomla, Joomla Local Host and Remote Host Installation, MySQL Details, FTP account details, Web Browser Installation, Database Configuration, Manual Installation, Import of MySQL database etc. All the information provided in the e-book are very simple to understand and easy to remember. Information about each topic in this e-book is described is a very lucid way and is based on personal experiment, experience and in-depth knowledge of the author.


Indeed, this is a very user-friendly and easy manual which can be both used by novice and advance Joomla webmasters for installing Joomla in various servers. This Ebook is released under the Creative Commons Attribution- Non Commercial- Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. This very e-book is also available in hardcopies, printed copies of this e-book are sold or are reproduced on other media such as CD’s or DVD’s provided it is only the cost of the media and materials that are charged for, and not the original work itself. Lastly, this book is for all the webmasters who desperately and deliberately wants to get mastery upon installation of Joomla on various platforms. Hat’s off, to the author Mr Andy Wallace for contributing such a helpful manually to the great Joomla community. Download Now


Building Websites with Joomla! 1.5 book. (by Mr Hagen Graf) [Premium]
Solutions to Questions Like:

  • How to build a website with Joomla 1.5 ?
  • What is CMS and WCMS ?
  • Which book is best for learning Joomla instantly?
  • A bible for learning Joomla? Comment!

This book “Building Websites with Joomla! 1.5” is written by Mr Hagen Graf and is proudly published by PACK publishing. It goes with the tag line “From technologies to solutions”. Perhaps it is one of the best selling Joomla! Tutorial guide updated for the final release. The ISBN number of this special book is “ISBN 978-1-847195-30-2’. This book covers information on the topics like CMS (Content Management System, WCMS, Joomla structure, Joomla core features, Installation, User Management, Configuration, Menu Management, Extension, Frame Work, Templates, Errors Handling, and Problems Solving etc.

In fact this book aims to provide knowledge to Joomla webmasters starting from newbie’s to Joomla Gurus. Since you are already a Joomla Webmaster/User or want to learn Joomla (we assumes because you are reading this article) we advice you to purchase and read this book from beginning to end in order to derive the very best out of the book. Don’t haphazardly start reading from here and there or from this page to that page or randomly select certain chapters. Because a haphazard study or a short cut study of this book will be help you much. But once you finish reading the entire book, later on you can browse certain pages as per your requirement. Really, the work of Mr. Hagen Graf is highly appreciable, recommendable and praiseworthy. Lastly I can personally say “THIS BOOK BUILDING WEBSITES WITH JOOMLA! 1.5 IS WORTH READING”. Download Now


Make a Joomla template in 5 Easy Steps e-book (by Gary Reid – [Premium]Solutions to Questions Like:

  • How to design, develop and implement Joomla templates ?
  • Describe step by setp procedures for designing professional quality Joomla templates?
  • How to design Joomla templates ?
  • Describe the methods used by Gary Reid for creating Joomla templates?
  • Can I design a Joomla templates ? If yes, how ?

Design your dream Joomla templates! The days are gone when designing professional quality templates for Joomla CMS were only limited to the hands of templates gurus. Although, it’s true that many free and premium Joomla templates are available over the internet for hosting beautiful Joomla website. But here, the big question is “Does these templates guarantee individual preferences”. In fact the answer is itself controversial in nature. Anyhow have you ever wanted to test your own creativity for designing your own Joomla templates? If yes, then let’s start designing a brand new Joomla template tonight.

This very PDF ebook named “Make a Joomla template in 5 Easy Steps” is written and published by Mr Gary Reid. This ebook aims to teach you the easiest ways to create a template for Joomla. All the procedures and methods described in this ebook are simple and easy to understand and are intended specially for beginners who want to learn the core concepts of Joomla template designing. In true that this ebook may not make you an expert template designer but it’s beyond 100% correct that it will make your foundation extremely strong to grow ahead towards designing professional quality Joomla templates. According to the author this tutorial is for absolute beginners, duffers, people like you and me who have no design training but need to get a design that looks good enough to unleash upon the world. Download Now

Joomla Template Design Guide (by Barrie North) [Free]
Solutions to Questions Like:
  • How to create professional looking Joomla Templates ?
  • How to create CSS based Joomla Templates ?
  • How to create tableless Joomla templates ?
  • How to create Joomla templates based on W3C standards?
  • Describe the methods used by Barrie North for designing Joomla Templates ?

This great PDF ebook or you can say a step by step guide for designing portal Joomla templates is written by Mr Barrie North and is published by the makers of COMPASSDESIGN ( This ebook is also available freely in Word, HTML and other formats. In simple terms this ebook is nothing but an easy to learn tutorial, guide or you can say library that enables the reader to create Joomla templates by using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to produce layouts without using tables and the concept of the same is purely based in W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards.

JTDG (Joomla template design guide) throws light on the topic such as Joomla Template, Local host design process, W3C and tables design, Template Components, Using CSS, tips and ticks and many more resources for creating incredible Joomla templates. Personally I have only five words for Barrie, “Barrie you are a Genius!” Download Now

Joomla! Installation Instructions on GoDaddy Servers [Free]

Solutions to Questions Like:

  • How to install Joomla on Godaddy Servers ?
  • Does GoDaddy Servers support Joomla ?
  • What is the simplest, easiest and quickest way to install Joomla on GoDaddy Servers?

Godaddy is regarded as the BIG DADDY in the world of domain and server space registration. The company has its own reputation, brandname and monopoly in allied disciples. A handful percent of Joomla websites are assumed to be hosted on the Godaddy Servers. This ebook help the Joomla webmasters or users to learn the basic procedures for installing Joomla on a Godaddy server. JIIOGS (Joomla Installation Instructions on Godaddy Server) covers topic such as Installation Instruction, Selecting Hosting Plan, configuring GoDaddy SQL database and also throws light on many other resources.

In other words one can say that this ebook is a Joomla tutorial cum guide for facilitating Joomla installations on Godaddy Servers. Download Now


An Incomplete Guide To SEO + Joomla SEO
Solutions to Questions Like:

  • How to develop SEO friendly Joomla website ?
  • How to increase Joomla website search engine position (SEP) ?
  • What are some of the impotant elements for Joomla SEO ?
  • “A Quick SEO for Joomla” Comment!
  • Can I create Search Engine Friendly URL’s in Joomla ? If yes, how ?

This is a small by Useful SEO Guide or one can say SEO tutorial which includes an appendix named “A Quick SEO for Joomla”. It covers the topics like SEF (Search Engine Friendly URL’S), Keyword density, Pages tags, and Sitemaps etc. In general terms this ebook just gives a basic idea about Joomla SEO! Download Now

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