How to block a Joomla User ?

In many cases we need to urgently block the Joomla user account of our Joomla website users. This many be for various reason. I can remember, once I have to block a administrative user account of my client website,when he informed me that his password has been probably leaked.

J3.x:Access Control List Tutorial - Joomla! Documentation

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So get ready to face this time of situation when we need to immediately block any Joomla user. For this

  • Login to your Admin panel.
  • Go to Site -> User Manager.
  • Click on the User name you want to block.
  • From the user details frame – Block User option – Select the Yes option.
  • You may disable or completely delete the Joomla user account as per your requirement.


Note : Block suspicious users before they block you.

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