How to change or remove Joomla Favicon from Joomla Administrator (Back-end) Panel ? (Icon that appears on the browser’s address bar)

Icon that appears on the browser’s address bar is called Favicon. In this article we will learn how to remove or change our Joomla Favicon from Joomla’s Administrator (Back-end) Panel. To do so please follow the below given steps.

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  • If we delete the favicon.ico file from our Joomla/root/administrator/templates/khepri folder then the icon will no longer appear on the browser’s address bar.
  • But If you want put your logo on the browser’s address bar then you need to replace the favicon.ico file with your logo icon file. Note : your file must be in .ico format.

Converting your jpg file to an Ico file.

  • To convert your jpg file to an ico file just download and installed Infra-View (A Free Image Viewer Software).
  • And Open you image file i.e. logo.jpg file in Infra-View
  • Once done go to File Menu – “Save as ” (Or Press “S” key) and set you file name to “favicon ” and “Save Type As” to ICO – Windows Icon now click the save button or hit the enter/return key.
  • And Its all done.
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