How to change super administrative password in Joomla?

It is a very good habit to change the Joomla website password at regular intervals. Many webmasters don’t do that and later they start posting in Joomla forum “What to do my website has been hacked”. So if you don’t want to post anything like this  then give a strong password to your Admin login and regularly do change the password to more stronger one.

How to Install Joomla ~ Raju Nadaf

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Procedure for Changing Super Administrative Password in Joomla?

  • Login to your Admin panel.
  • Go to Site -> User Manager.
  • Click on the User name you want to edit.
  • Now the User Edit form will open. Make the necessary changes and click on save.


Quote : Habit may be a good habit or bad habit. But changing password at regular intervals is definitely a very good habit.

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