How to change text font size and color in Joomla ?

In Joomla all the text font size and color can be changed mainly in two ways (a) Editing Style Sheet CSS (b) Editing Article Editor. Firstly, for changing the font, font size and color combination of the items like template menu, page title, header and footer etc we need to edit the template CSS (Cascading Style Sheet Document).

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For this Go to – Joomla website – Templates- yourtemplate – css folder. With a adequate knowledge of HTML we can open the .css file in any text editor like notepad, FrontPage, Dream weaver and edit it as per our requirement. Secondly, to change the font style, size and color of any article we need to have a good article editor (as we use Joomla Content Editor ) to edit our article text as per our requirement.

Moreover some template comes with a pre-installed extensions that allow us to change the text size (increase -decrease) as well as template color combination directly from the Joomla website front end. For example many website released by and gives the above facilities even to the site visitors just like

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