How to configure front page Blog Layout design and it’s parameters?

Almost all the Joomla websites uses the Front Page Blog Layout to display articles, that have been set as Front Page Articles in Blog format. Let us today understand minutely the Front Page Blog Layout system of Joomla. This will give us answers about many question regarding front page Blog layout in Joomla.


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(Q) Where can I find F

ront Page Blog layout setting/parameters to configure it?

We can easily configure the front page Blog layout and it’s design of our Joomla website in the Front page manager. No, the main function of the Joomla Front Page Manager under the Content menu is to display all the articles that have been set as front page articles. So to configure the front page layout design and it’s parameters follow the instructions as given below.

  • Login to your Admin Panel
  • Go to Menu – > Main Menu.
  • Now click on the default Home menu of Joomla with the Star symbol.
  • Now Front Page Blog Layout page will open.


The Front Page Blog Layout page is divided into three basic frames (a) Menu Item Type (b) Menu Item Details (c) Parameter Frame

(a) Menu Item Type: We can click one the Change Type button to change the Menu Item Type. Generally it is Front Page Blog Layout. But it can be also changed to
Archived Article List , Article Layout, Article Submission Layout, Category Blog Layout, Category List Layout, Section Blog Layout, Section Layout etc.

(b) Menu Item Details: Under this frame we can set the below given information.

  • ID: – No change
  • Title: – Enter the title of the menu. (Q: How to change the front page Blog menu title?)
  • Alias :- no change
  • Link :- no change
  • Display In: – Select the top menu name from the combo box.
  • Parent Item: – Select the parent item under which this menu needs to be displayed.
  • Published : Select the ‘Yes’ option.
  • Order: Select a item from the combo box. (Q: How to set the order level of the front page Blog layout?)
  • Access Level : Select a item from this list box.
  • On Click Open in: Select the windows navigation item from the list. (Q: How to open front page articles in new window?)

(c) Parameter Frame – Again this frame is sub divided into (a) Parameters Basic (b) Parameters Advance (c) Menu Item meta data (d) Parameters- Component (e)Parameters -System.


(a) Parameters Basic: The basic front page Blog layout parameter are present inside it.

  • Leading:- Number of Articles to display as leading (full width). Article 0 will means that no articles will be displayed as leading.
  • Intro:- Number of Articles to be displayed with the intro text shown. (Q. How to set the number of articles in front page Blog layout?)
  • Columns:- While displaying the into text set how many columns to set per row. (Q. How to divide the Front Page Blog layout into columns?)
  • Link:-No of items to be displayed as links.

(b) Advance Parameters: Advance basic front page Blog layout setting are present inside this frame.

  • Category Order :- Select the category order from the dropdown combo box. (Q. How to alphabetically arrange articles in Front Page Blog Layout?)
  • Primary Order:- Select the order in which the primary items will be displayed from the dropdown combo box. (Q. How to set the primary order of Front Page Blog Layout)
  • Pagination:- Select auto or show or hide option from the given drop down list. (Q. How to show/hide paginations in Front Page Blog Layout?)
  • Pagination Results:- Generally the “Yes” option is selected .
  • Show a Feed Link:- Select whether or not the feed link will be displayed.

(c) Menu Item meta data : In this frame we can enter the information such as HTML Title, META tag description, META tag keywords , Robots meta tag etc.

(d) Parameters- Component : We can configure all the setting as per the requirement.

(e) Parameters -System : It contents the below given items.

  • Page Title: Enter the text to be displayed as the front page title. If left blank the menu title will be displayed as the page title. (Q. How to change the front page title in Front Page Blog Layout?)
  • Show Page Title: Show/Hide the page title. (Q. How to show/hide page tile in the Front Page Blog Layout?)
  • Page Class Suffix: A suffix to be applied to the CSS class of the website. (Q. How to change the front page CSS style sheet in Front Page Blog Layout?)
  • Menu image : A small item to be placed to the right or left of the menu item. (Q. How to add/delete menu image in Front Page Blog Layout?)
  • SSL Enable : Select whether or not this site will use SSL or secure site URl. (Q. How to set SSL page security in Joomla?)

At last after checking the accuracy of all the entered data and setting click on the Save button to save the front page Blog layout configurations.

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