How to create/edit/change usertype,username and password in Joomla ?

In Joomla all the account types ,username and password can be directly managed from the User Manager Interface. The type of user in Joomla is broadly divided into two categories (a) Public Back- end (b) Public Front-end.

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For the Public Back-end we can create at least three types of accounts such as (a) Super Administrator (b) Administrator (c) Manager. And for the public front end we can create al least four kind/types of users (a) Publisher (b) Editor (c) Author (d) Registered User.

Procedure for creating a new User account ?

  • Login to your Admin panel.
  • Go to Site -> User Manager.
  • Now click on the new button.
  • Fill the User Details frame and then set it’s parameter.


User Details Frame.

  • Name – Enter the Name.
  • Username – Enter the login username.
  • E-mail – Enter a authentic email id.
  • New Password – Give a strong password – which may be a strong combination of text and numbers.
  • Verify Password – Enter the same password as enter above for verification.
  • Group – Select the user group. Group means the type of user account.
  • Block User – Select the No option. Later this option can be used to block any user.
  • Receive System E-mails – You may select Yes option to all the user to receive system emails.

User Details Frame.

  • Back-end Language – Select your backend language – May be United state English – You may leave it none.
  • Front-end Language – In the same way select the front end language – You may leave this box blank.
  • User Editor – Select the article editor to give to the editor.
  • Help Site – Select the help site
  • Time Zone – Set your country time zone.

After checking the accuracy of the above entered data just click on the ‘Save‘ button to complete the process of creating a new user.

How to Edit/change Joomla User?


In order to edit the user type ,username, email id or any parameter settings just follows the below procedure.

Procedure for editing/changing a new User account ?

  • Login to your Admin panel.
  • Go to Site -> User Manager.
  • Click on the User name you want to edit.
  • Now the User Edit form will open. Make the necessary changes and click on save.

Note : Strong password may not be a 100 % security guarantee to Joomla Users but it may eat out the hacker’s brain.

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