How to directly access an article url without giving it a link from any menu/section/category in Joomla ?

Sometime we just want to publish an article and send the link to a friend without linking the said article from any menu or section or category. The heritage 404 error appears when we create a new article and try to access it with id and itemid parameter set in the URL property.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library

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The same problem occurs with the archive function. The URL only works when we link it article from somewhere in a menu from the homepage.


  • While creating a new article just select “Uncategorized” option from the Section and category combo box. (The logic is that we shouldn’t publish our article in any section or category. So let it be published in “Uncategorized” section and category.)
  • It’s all done. Problem Solved!


Now the question is how to get out page url.

  • Click on any menu and change the menu type to Article Layout.
  • Select the above created article.
  • From the link text box – Just copy the path: for example – index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=92
  • Don’t save. Rather click on the Close button.
  • So now the article URL is
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